I lost a kilo in weight

on 2/22/12 11:59 pm - Israel
I have Hypothytoid.
In Israel treatment is/was Eltroxin. Until about year ago when the manufacturer changes the ingredient compound and many people were affected. There is now a country-wide court case.
And yet I had to argue with my gp to change my medication to another one. He finally agreed after a year but due to some issues and attitudes from home I switched to a female GP who seems much more understanding to my Plastics needs/dream. She told mt to do thyroid blood tests three weeks after starting the new medication. My numbers are almost in good range again but a bonus is that I started yo lose weight again ( please don't tell my body lol!).
1 March I see Dr.Haik my PS as check-up and hopefully to ask questions about boobs. My medical review from HMO for boobs is 6
March and takes up to two weeks to get answer from them.
Surgery is scheduled for mid-May.
Mikimi in Israel

on 2/23/12 12:59 am
Congrats.. Good luck w/everything!
on 2/23/12 11:06 pm
 I am also hypothyroid.  Had my thyroid removed completely in 2008.  I have also had problems with the medication.  The gold standard for thyroid here in US is synthroid, but for some reason my body does not absorb it because I continued to be severely hypo even though the dr (endocronologist) said it was within range.  I find that my range is a lot lower than the accepted standard in order for me to feel good/function properly.  I finally got my gp to prescribe armour natural thyroid which is basically ground pig thyroids.  It works for me beautifully.  I  got my life back.  But I also have a difficult time getting the right dosage.  I am assuming that it is because of constant change in my weight.  
Hope you get yours straightened out.  A lot of people don't understand how much not having good thyroid levels can impact your life and how much it affects weight gain/loss.    Wishing you the best on your PS journey.  I am so glad I don't have HMO.  They seem so hard to deal with.  Keep us informed on how it goes for you.
on 2/23/12 11:25 pm - Israel
Thanks for your response.
I took more than I need to cause hyper but I never really felt symptoms of my thyroid.
I hope you get your figured out.

Lee ~
on 2/23/12 11:58 pm - CA
Mikimi, I'm glad everything is getting sorted out for you!

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on 2/24/12 12:47 am - Israel
Oh Lee I am now on countdown towards the Medical Review which takes about 2-5 minutes! Most of the paperwork was faxed ages ago. I have a date for Boobs and scar revision (May) so I really hope they will approve as I have no money to pay.
And losing weight is an extra bonus!

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