Pants are driving me NUTS!!!

on 2/26/12 2:36 am - IN
I had my tummy tuck six weeks ago - still have abit of swelling but nothing significant enough to effect my clothes. Although I have a smaller waist now, nothing I get fits. I was in 14 jeans, and they are too large now, so I went to 12s. They are snug in the thigh and hip, but the back waist is constantly creeping down. I am pulling them up all the time. A couple pair are skinny jeans - then I have two yoga pants that do the same thing. It seems that every pair of pants is doing this. Is it the style or me?? I am so frustrated! My pants fit better BEFORE I had my surgery!
on 2/26/12 3:19 am - Israel
Your body is catching up with your body and new redistribution of 'fat'.
At least there is no flappity flap anymore!
Give it a few more weeks.
Mikimi in Israel
Lee ~
on 2/26/12 3:42 am - CA
I was in a size 10 jeans before my LBL.  I didn't try on jeans until around 8 weeks out.  My waist went from 30-31 to 26-27 so I could see that jeans were going to be a problem.  What works great for me now is Size 6 Old Navy sweetheart jeans.  They are very low rise, which I've never been able to wear before because of my stomach.  Now they're perfect because the waist measurment doen't matter at all.

Last week PBJ turned me on to Gloria Vanderbuilt stretch skinny jeans.  Again, perfect fit and the size 6 works because my stomach is NOT THERE!

I love my plastic surgeon.  :)

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on 2/26/12 7:27 am
Lee...I am so glad that you love those pants...I am loving mine too!  Was thrilled to find them at the discount store in my new size...and yours too!  We lucked out!  I have never found a pair of jeans that I like this much!

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Lee ~
on 2/26/12 2:16 pm - CA
You knew what you were talking about.  I just wore them to the Oscar party I went to.  Comfortable all night long!

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 2/26/12 11:24 pm
too funny!  Aren't they just the most comfortable jeans ever??...that is why I was so excited when we found them again. I have several pairs in size 10 that I would love to give someone..I don't want to keep them because I do not ever want to go up a size again!  Do you know anyone that wears a 10...I would be happy to give them away.  (I might even have a pair with tags still)..I was so addicted to them !

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on 2/26/12 5:58 am, edited 2/26/12 5:59 am
There are so many different cuts of jeans now, you might want to try something else. Maybe a lower rise curvy fit in a smaller size?  Also, the ones with the nice elastic inside the waistband (comfort fit?) are pretty comfy.  Lee's and Vanderbilt have those waistbands in different fits.
Amy Smith
on 2/27/12 12:47 am
I soooo hear you!

I had a LBL (w/ a lot of back and thigh lipo and contouring) and I swear I have contoured myself right out of my pants!!!! :-)  All of a sudden (8 weeks after my LBL) my size 12 pants just didn't fit anymore.  Last weekend I was determined to find new khaki pants and I FAILED.  I swear if I tried on one more pair of khaki's that gapped at the waist I was going to scream.  I did find Jeans (Levi bold curve, Gap, and J Lo) fit really well, but I am still struggling with khaki's that I love....Banana Republic fit nicely and Lee (comfort) waist are currently winning!

Don't give up!  I am still trying to figure out what works with my new body and it is still changing!

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

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on 2/27/12 3:51 am - MN
I find low rise jeans to work the best for me now. If I get mid-rise jeans...I have to put up with a droopy crotch all day and gapping in the back! Drives me nuts!

I hit my local Goodwill and had good experiences finding like new jeans there. I have a little tape measure in my if the rise (measure from the crotch seam to the top of the front waist band) is 8" inches...they're perfect. If they measure 10" I put them back...they just don't work. I'm not sure if you have Express stores where you are...but their jeans work great for me.

I love Old Navy khaki's. They're cut just right for me!

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on 2/29/12 4:41 am - IN
Today I put on Daisy Fuentes size 12P jeans. I think these are mid-rise. I am naturally low-waisted -- (if I get regular jeans the waist comes just under my boobs.) So theses fall right at my belly button. They are snug, and look great, until after a while I find myself puling them up because the crotch starts sagging and I know I'll show a butt crack when I sit down.

So if I tried low rise, wouldn't it be worse? I'd be afraid I'd have flab hanging out. And what keeps them up anyway?
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