Abdominoplasty w/muscle fascia

Brian Wohlgemuth
on 3/5/12 4:50 am - IN
Just met the plastics guy and I got a quote of $10k for outpatient surgery.  This seems pretty cheap, but I wanted to check with everyone else if they have had something along those lines/prices.  I saw the before/after pics and while I won't have a six pack of pecs, I will be able to go without a shirt outside.  
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Abdominoplasty  3/2012

on 3/5/12 4:57 am
I am paying 6,800.00 for mine (Thursday).

Fully accredited out-patient surgical center, about 4 hours of surgery.

I am sure that prices depend on the cost of living in your area.

I had my pre-op with the surgeon this morning --- I have my meds ready to go, my baggy clothes for the day of surgery ---- and I can't wait.

Brian Wohlgemuth
on 3/5/12 6:35 am - IN
Wow...I guess I was expecting far more price wise.  Good luck with your surgery...sounds like his is becoming the sandard price-wise.  Isn't competition great!  :-)
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Abdominoplasty  3/2012

on 3/5/12 6:31 am
I paid $5100.00 for mine, got a TT with muscle repair. Probably going to do a revision to the flanks and possibly a little lipo sculpture. I guess it depends on the area you live in and the Dr. Best of luck.


Michelle E.
on 3/5/12 11:27 am

Curious who did your TT?

on 3/5/12 12:40 pm

My PS was Dr. Sarosy. He has offices here where I live and in La Mesa, California.


on 3/5/12 12:38 pm
I had an extended tummy tuck with full back lipo...paid 13,100.  worth every penny!  MY doc is fabulous....

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on 3/5/12 10:36 pm
I paid 8,000 for LBL at KU residency program.  Fabulous results, no complications.

MyLady Heidi
on 3/6/12 3:19 am
I used Yale residency program but back in 2006 and it cost me $4k for my extended tt with muscle repair, and I can and do wear a bikini afterwards and even nearly 6 years later my stomach is flat and rock hard as if I actually worked out.
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