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on 3/30/12 6:31 am - Cape May, NJ
Hello al! I had open gastric in '07 and have lost 145 lbs leaving my belly an awful mess. My insurance has approved the pannilectomy
And my surgeon has given me the option to add a full abdominalplasty at the price of $6300 out of pocket. This includes an overnight stay in the hospital. Does this cost seem extremely high considering my insurance is also paying? Also, has anyone had just the Panni alone and not the full TT and regretted it?? I'm not looking for a rock hard stomach. I'm a mother of 4 and really just want to be comfortable in my clothes. The bottom part is definitely was makes me the most self conscious. I'm really worried by just removing that, it will emphasize my upper roll that hangs over my BB and will cause a 'muffin top' that will leave me disappointed. So confused! Does anyone have any photos they could share with me after having just the Panni? You can message me privately if you prefer.


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on 3/30/12 6:51 am
I have not had this done, just in the beginning stages, but from what I have read most people would rather have the full TT if possible b/c the panni removal is just the lower belly.
That being said, that out of pocket amount seems high.
From what I've read and researched, it's the highest amount I've seen. I've seen prices for that amount for the whole procedure.
Good luck in your choice!
on 3/30/12 7:37 am
I had lipo of my muffin top with my LBL.  That cost seems very high for just adding in the TT and maybe some lipo.  Can you change surgeons?  Maybe get another quote and consult.

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on 3/30/12 7:44 am
Well, I self paid 6750 for a hip to hip full tummy tuck (3 weeks ago) -- in an outpatient facility with full anesthesia and nursing.  Insurance did not contribute at all.

So, 6300 in addition to what the insurance is going to pay sounds like alot to me.

I disliked the bulge above my belly button (muffin top) more than the bulge below it, so I had to do the whole thing.

Can you get a few more quotes?

on 3/30/12 8:27 am
 That does seem really high if insurance is going to pay as well. I would check with some other surgeons in your area.
I have heard that people who just get the panni removal are really disappointed, so I would recommend going for the full.
Amy W.
on 3/30/12 10:39 am - Buckeye, AZ
DS on 11/05/04 with
That's BS! Deffinitely find another surgeon or ask him how much insurance is paying for the portion.

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on 3/30/12 12:20 pm - San Jose, CA
My full LBL was less than 12K without the help from the insurance, so this seems high to me. Especially since I am in an affluent area in the expensive state of CA.

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on 3/30/12 5:48 pm - henderson, NV
DEFINITELY too high!!  Seek another opinion!!

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on 3/30/12 10:57 pm
 I think that maybe to high if insurance is paying for some, but I didn't get to many price for out of pocket because I got lucky and insurance covered all. I just had my tt on Tuesday and I'd have to say that I'm so glad I had my whole stomach done because if I just did the panni I would've been focused on that area forever plus why due two surgeries get it done at once if u could I think u will be happier that way but money is always an issues. Good luck
on 3/30/12 11:08 pm - Cape May, NJ
Thank you everyone! I am having a new consult on Monday, April 9th. Over the phone the person at that office quoted me between 2-3k after insurance which I am much more comfortable with. I just hope I can get it done ASAP as we are moving 2000 miles in June to Key West, FL and if I wait until then, I'll have to travel 3 hours north to Miami.
After looking at a ton of pictures on line of just the Panni, I want to have the whole thing done. I didn't go through hell and back and work my ass off to maintain my weight for 5 years to not be happy with my body. I always put my kids first and now it's MY turn!!

from 308 to 165 `~ 5 years post op and still keeping it off!!
Proud military spouse and Mom to 4 amazing kids!!

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