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on 4/3/12 11:18 pm - MD
On May 2, having a neck lift and arm lift.

Besides increasing my protein intake and trying to find tops that button up the front, any suggestions or words of wisdom?

Anything special I should get?  Have access to a recliner and will be getting a pillow wedge.


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on 4/4/12 12:26 am
 I'd also suggest vitamins prior to & afterwards. I can't speak of the neck lift but I'm 6 weeks out from an arm lift. While I was cleared to drive at a week it was definitely a mistake for me. I only drove a few short drives (orthodontist appt, pick up at school, etc) & I found it difficult. My arm pits were very tight & this made it difficult to turn & park. I attribute the little driving I did to my stitches popping. In retrospect I wish I hadn't driven at all for the first few weeks. Of course, this is just me & is specific to the amount of skin which was removed & work done in my arm pit. I measured last night & my arms are down 2.75" & 3". I best of luck to you!

MyLady Heidi
on 4/4/12 6:12 am
I had those two things done together, actually I had my tt and neck lift first and then my arms and a revision to my neck lift.  The arms were a breeze and both times he neck lift nearly drove me batty.  My surgeon did this stitches behind the ears that drove me insane.  I hope yours does it differently.  The compression garments help, I would get them rather they say you need them or not, my arm incisions were sensative to the touch for a long time so the sleeve offered a measure of comfort.  The neck lift I just say dive in and do the best  you can.  Not everyones surgeond does it the same way so maybe yours won't hurt nearly as bad.  Its worth it if it turns out well, I was disappointed and had it revised only to still have a bit of skin under my neck I hate.  My doctor said it was because my neck is long, yeah whatever, I still don't like it.  I didnt have anything special that I remember, if you want to see my plastics pics add me as a friend and you can see for yourself.

Good Luck
Lee ~
on 4/4/12 6:46 am - CA
 I had both the same week.  My surgeon has me wearing neck compression nightly for six months.  Only two more, yay!  

For the arm lift, I was in compression sleeves 24/7 for six weeks.  Has your surgeon talked about compression?  I could put on things that were loose over my head at one week out.  I could reach the first shelf in the pantry at two weeks.  Maybe sooner but I was in Mexico for two weeks.  I really babied my arms because good healing was so important to me.  I didn't lift over the recommended amount etc.  I didn't want strain on the incisions.  I wore a very soft tshirt under my compression to keep my armpit incisions from getting rubbed on.

I was in a clinic bed for five nights, then just a regular bed.  No wedges or anything.

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on 4/4/12 7:16 am
Move items that are kept up high to countertops.  I discovered I couldn't reach a glass for water because I couldn't move my arms above shoulder height.  A few weeks later you have a better range of motion, but you'll be glad you moved things and saved yourself some frustration.
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