Bloating after R N. Y. Will it hurt my tt also?

on 4/7/12 2:08 pm
I had my R.N.Y in 2004. I have suffered 2-4 times a week with severe bloating to where I look 9 months prego with twins. It is soooooooo painful, emberresing and I have to lay down and pass gas for hours. I told my PS doc that a few weeks back at my PS consultation. He said that I must have a bacteria in my bowels and prescribed Flagyl. It has been so helpful. I swell a few times here and there since I started but NOTHING like it used to be. I have spent years suffering in pain and no doctor took the time to help. This is one reason why I feel that I picked the right surgeon.

My question to you all is, did any of you have the same or similiar problem before your PS and if so, did you have it after and what happened? I am worried that if I bloat that I will rip my stiches and so forth. If I eat three french fries I can bloat up huge. However, I eat very healthy. I can eat something healthy one day and have no problem and then the next day have severe problems with the same food.

I am just so thankful to my PS for taking the time to look into the problem. He has over 1,500 gastric bypass surgeries under his belt so he was familiar with the problem. I told him if the Flagyl did not work than I could not get the surgery because I was sure that I would rip my muscles that will be tightened and my stiches.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post.
Happy Easter to all of you.
Lee ~
on 4/8/12 10:29 am - CA
 I would discuss with your RNY nutritionist.  I have a friend who bloats a lot. She is sensitive to gluten and when she eats flour products she looks pregnant.  Maybe you can also talk to your regular doctor to determine the cause and a solution.  

Lithe plastic surgeon you are using also does RNY?  I have not heard of surgeons who specialize in both.

I don't think that what you are asking can be answered on this board. It sounds like medical issues.

Good luck!  

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on 4/8/12 11:14 am
I'm not sure. I have never had to deal with this issue, but I would also guess that its probably something that you would have to discuss in depth with a doctor. It could be a medical issue that has something to do with the way your intestines are breaking down your food. If you dont digest your food quickly enough, it might be breaking down more in your intestines and causing a large amount of gas and bloating. The only thing that I could think of, would be to suggest trying something like gas-x, but I have no clue if that would even work. Try keeping track of what youre eating that could be setting you off, maybe there is a corolation. This is something that I really think you need to discuss indepth with your doctor. Sorry I couldnt be of any help.
on 4/11/12 10:12 am - Madison, TN
 I have heard of this but don't have an answer for you.  My main thought would be to ask if there are certain things you notice that cause it.  Are there foods that you eat which bring on the onset of symptoms? 


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