Amazing You Tube video of Tummy Tuck!!

on 4/14/12 11:28 am, edited 4/14/12 11:35 am
This one is in Arabic, however, start the video at 2:15 on the video player. The patient is a male and awake (on his cell phone) DURING HIS SURGERY and when they take part of his stomach off I was fascinated and grossed out but it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! On his way out of the hospital, he is marching in place and smiling away. I hope that mine is that great! They must have removed like 30 pounds!!!!!!!!!!
on 4/14/12 11:34 am
This is the best video of a Fleur De Lis Tummy tuck that I have watched. Very informational.

on 4/14/12 1:07 pm - Israel
The Dr.Anderson YouTube was much better for sure because it was in English but also it was more real-before and after that I felt I was there with them.
Mikmi in israel
on 4/14/12 12:59 pm - Israel
Actually I think it was an Apronectomy/Pannilectomy and not a TT.
Still pretty wild that he is awake and talking on the phone during his op.
I got the feeling his op was done to HELP him LOSE weight and nit so much because he already lost a lot of weight.
A shame there were no subtitles in English.
Mikimi in Israel
on 4/15/12 12:00 am - Utica, MI
ok I tried to watch but no, no, and no

He is awake! That is a huge fear of mine. Surgery and I am awake for it. I couldn't
even fini****
It was wrong, he was AWAKE! Not twilight sedation, no versaid. AWAKE!
I am glad I was sitting down. My knees were buckling.

on 4/15/12 7:57 am - Owings Mills, MD
I tried to watch that Dr. Anderson TT video and turned it off as soon as he started to cut the lower ab. I was ok with the removal of the belly button, but once I saw the skin separating and the fat expanding like opening up jiffy pop, I was done. I think I'm going to prefer going in blind on this procedure.
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