pics of fat and skin taken off during tt surgery?

on 4/17/12 2:05 pm
I watch plastic surgery shows and they show the patient a photo of how much skin and fat that they remove during the TT and then they tell you how much it weighed. Was this your experiences too?

Brian Wohlgemuth
on 4/17/12 2:20 pm - IN
No pics but 13.6 lbs removed.
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on 4/17/12 3:02 pm
When I returned to Dr S for my second and third surgeries, I asked to see pics of my removed skin from 2009's tummy tuck and arm lift.  He showed me all of his pictures and I was amazed!  I'm a nurse, so pretty much nothing grosses me out!

12/09 and 6/11, 9 skin removal procedures with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico
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on 4/17/12 4:06 pm - Israel
I think it depends on the situation.
My skin removal was weighed and I was told amount but as I had not asked for photo I did not see heat ut looked like-bummer!
Mikimi in Israel
on 4/17/12 6:05 pm
 I specifically asked for the weights to be taken prior to going into the ER. I wanted to be able to report here to the board.  I declined my surgeons generous offer to snap pictures of the removed skin and tissue.  I never ever want to see that again - on or off my body!
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on 4/17/12 7:23 pm
YES. I have my skin pic and it was weighed 16.3!!

I asked for the picture and I am glad I did!

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16.3 pounds removed.

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on 4/18/12 5:06 am - San Jose, CA
I didn't get pictures but I had 20 pounds taken off.

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on 4/18/12 7:46 am - Towanda, PA
I was told at my consult they will take pics and weigh and measure if I want them too.  I have my preop tomorrow.

Yvonne.    To thine own self be true.     hw 432/ sw 352/ cw196.8/gw 200  RNY 8/11/10 Corsettrunkplasty & thigh lipo 5/16/2012.


on 4/19/12 1:37 pm
I am for sure going to get photos taken and weights and then put them up for you all to see.

I think that is the funnest part.
Lee ~
on 4/18/12 9:22 am - CA
 I didn't ask for pics.  Six pounds removed.

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