How many pant sizes did you go down after TT

on 4/18/12 2:53 am
i have read many post on here and it seems that after a TT, some people stay in the same pant size, others loose one pant size and others as much as 3 sizes. This made me very concerned. I would not want to go through a TT and only loose one or two pant sizes. I lost 125 (total of 150 and gained back 25). I have tooth picks for legs, no butt etc. I do not want to loose anyweight because it does not really come from my tummy, the weight loss is frommy butt, boobs and legs. My goal is to loose about 10 inches from my waist? Is that too much to expect? I could fit into a size 8 if it was not for my tummy, instead I wear 12-14 size. I can not wear any type of restrictive clothing, only stretchy yoga pants for the past 3 years. I would love to be in a size 8 and be comfortable in jeans. I just don't want to have unrealistic expectations. I am meeting with my doctor during the pre op because I have learned so much since my consultation that I now have more questions, like, what will be a realistic expectation.

But like I said, if I am only going to loose one pant size, than there is no way that I am going to go through this expensive and painful experience,

Can you share how many pant sizes you went down and how much weight you lost. Also, if your story about a big tummy and small everything else is like mine, can you tell me what your experience was like.

on 4/18/12 3:33 am
I lost 130 pounds with my WLS.

I had about 3.6 pounds of skin removed during my tummy tuck.

I am 7weeks post op and back to wearing my pre op clothes.

Yesterday, I was able to slide my size 8 capris on and off without unbuttoning them ...... So, I am thinkingg that in some styles I may go down to a size 6.

I did not do the tt to lose more sizes, really, but to remove the hanging skin below my belly button, and lift my mons up.

I am also thrilled that I can now look down and SEE my belly button. It used to be hidden bay muffin top.

I probably lost 2 inches at the smallest part of my waist and about 6 inches if I measure 2 inches below my belly button

You need to get some consults and have a surgeon tell you how much they think YOU will lose.

Skin does not weight as much as you think, but it does take up a lot of room.

on 4/18/12 4:57 am - San Jose, CA
I'm not sure how many pant sizes, because I don't wear a lot of fitted things. I measured myself with a tape measure about a week or two after surgery, then again a few weeks later after drinking tons of water, and I lost about 4 inches on my hips. I think that took me down about 2 sizes. I think it will go down further.

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on 4/18/12 7:11 am
I had a circumferential body lift. went in at 203 pounds and a size 20. had 16.3 pounds removed and am now a sixe 14.

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16.3 pounds removed.

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Lee ~
on 4/18/12 9:19 am - CA
 I went into plastics at 151.5. Two weeks later I was 145. I had six pounds of skin taken off and two liters of fat taken from my thighs and injected into my butt. At four months my weight goes up and down from 140.5 to 143.  I wore a size 10 jeans before plastics.  Now I can wear a 6-8 depending on brand.   It takes careful monitoring of my food and exercise to keep the weight off.

I was promised that I would look better, but no other promises.  I had hopes, but not expectations because I did not want to set myself up for disappointment. I shed a few inches in my waist.  I think 10 is very unrealistic, but I've been wrong before!

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on 4/19/12 3:16 am
your posts help keep me grounded...once my time finally comes.

NoMore B.
on 4/18/12 9:46 am, edited 4/18/12 9:46 am
 It depends on your body shape and how much fat you have left.  People who are closer to goal dont have as much fat in their skin that is removed, so it tends to weigh less.

I have read this plastics board for over a year, and don't think it's realistic to lose 10 inches off your waist.  But you should ask your surgeon.  I consulted with several and most gave me the same expectations.  They should be able to hold and pull your excess skin and give you a good idea of what you will look like underneath.

My situation was quite similar to what Lee said.  I started as a size 10, around 150-155 pounds.  I am now in a 6/8, 10 pounds lighter.

I have a before and after picture on my profile if you want to compare.
Lee ~
on 4/18/12 12:52 pm - CA
 You look outrageously good!

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 4/18/12 11:20 am
Adjustable Gastric Band on 12/20/10
I've gone from an 8 to a 6, with 6 pounds of skin removed during a circumferential lower body lift.  No lipo.  I'm currently 6 weeks post-op, and still somewhat swollen.  I anticipate another size gone before i'm done.
Highest weight - 224   Surgery weight - 201   Current weight - 155
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Laura in Texas
on 4/18/12 12:04 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with
It would help people know if they can relate to you and your situation if you posted a picture. I had 2 square feet of skin removed that weighed about 5 pounds with my lower body lift. I did not go down at all in size. I'm still so thankful the skin is gone. I love my new tummy.


Laura in Texas

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