How many pant sizes did you go down after TT

on 4/18/12 5:45 pm - Alpharetta, GA
I had a lower body lift, breast augmentation and arm reduction done back in December. I started at this journey at 338 lbs (5'4'') pre-DS and went into plastics at 168 lbs and size 12. My surgeon removed 18 lbs of skin during my surgery and I am now wearing size 6 or 8. I had a LOT of redundant skin and rolls over my abdomen and hips. 

This reminds me to take some updated pictures! 

Good luck!


on 4/19/12 9:16 am
Went into PS in a size 9 jean, after swelling went down, still a size 9.  But, am in a medium top after my BL.   My hips will prevent me from smaller sizes.  I had 3lbs of skin removed and 1 liter of fat.

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on 4/20/12 8:33 am - WI
 I lost 200lb's total after plastics. He removed 11lb's in skin with lower body lift. I was a size 12 before surgery now I'm a size 8. So two sizes...... When I got plastics I was all concerned about what size I would be. I was hoping to go down 3 sizes. I'm 3 1/2 months out now an I'm just so happy to have a normal shaped body I wouldn't even care if I went down any sizes. The real prize is not a pants size its being comfortable in your own skin!!!!! I hope you feel as comfortable an tankful as I do when its all said an done 

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Lee ~
on 4/20/12 11:10 am, edited 4/19/12 11:11 pm - CA
Bravo! Very well said. I love my new body, scars and all.

Shedding 200 pounds and keeping them off is outrageous good! You're a rock star.

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on 4/22/12 7:30 am
I'm looking forward to the sizes fitting correctly.  With my unattached muscles and all the stomach skin, I wear a size 12 so that the waist band hits me high enough that I'm not spilling all over the place (or a size 10 high waist "mom" jean).  Looking forward to being able to wear the 10 and not worry about it.
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