Good and bad news... Approved BUT....

on 4/19/12 6:21 am, edited 4/18/12 6:32 pm - Cape May, NJ
What an emotional day! So my insurance approved my panni. I am paying out of pocket for the extended TT ($2300). The only date they could give me is May 8th. So what's the problem you ask?

Well, my husband is military and we are transferring to Key West in June. That will give me exactly 6 weeks to move 2000 miles with a three day stop off at Disney. Is that even realistic 6 weeks out???

Also, my husband has a mandatory school he has to attend May 7-10 so he won't be able to be there for my procedure. Thank god for my awesome parents and my sister who have all offered to take vacation off work to help me and take care of my 4 kids until my husband gets back. I would wait until we move, but the closest we will be to a plastic surgeon down there is three hours up to Miami.
My husband will be gone on 60 month deployments often so with no family around to help , it's just not possible for me to have it done there.

I really don't want to put this off another three years until we would move again. I can not deal with these rashes another month let alone three more years! Please be honest with me... Am I being realistic with being healed enough to move 6 weeks post op and have my hubby not there for the surgery itself?

Just a side note that I won't be physically moving anything. The
military sends professional movers and they do it all for us!

Please help put my mind at ease! I'm 34 and in good health and generally bounce back pretty fast after surgery... Open gastric, 3 c sections , tubal ... But this is SO different.

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on 4/19/12 6:49 am
 I really think you will be fine. I had thigh lift, tummy tuck, bl/ba arm lift and neck lift. I think the first time I went out of town was at 3 1/2 weeks out. I went to my friends cheer competion. Even though I was a little slower and the kids had to help me with my bags. The competion was in Anaheim Ca. So the kids really wanted to go to Disney. We didnt end up going because we were too busy. But I think I would have been okay but probably wasn't going to go on any rides. I didn't want to take any awkward steps on or off the rides that would compromise my thigh insicions. Then at 6 weeks I went on a five day cruise to Cabo.  I was totally fine. The only thing I didn't do was stuff in the pool. Obviously it involved a lot of relaxation stuff but at six weeks I kept up with everyone pretty good. It might e long days for you in the car, but that would be the case whether you had surgery or not. The only think I would give a thought about is complications. But more than likely if you have any issues it I'll arise before the six week mark. I had my surgery in Mexico so I dealt with my surgeon via mail and if I had any issues I would have gone to my PCP. You can so do this. This might all fall into place perfectly. Congrats!!!!!!

on 4/19/12 7:04 am - Israel
Go for it girl!
I'm happy for you.
Mikimi in Israel
on 4/19/12 8:54 am
At 6 weeks Post TT, I travelled from Tucson to Atlanta for business.
I pulled my luggage from parking to the terminal and got it checked in.

I claimed it, got it to the rental car, into the car, into the hotel, etc.

I was fine --- I am 53 years old ----- unless you have complications, I think you will be fine.

You may find that you need to 'sit it out' for a bit at Disney -- send your family off to a few rides while you take a break ---- but you should be fine!!!

Good luck!

on 4/19/12 12:19 pm
I say go for it!!
I just had an extended TT with back lipo 3 months ago...I went back to work after 3 1/2 you will be fine to move as long as you are not the one moving your stuff physically.

Will you parents or sister be around to help you for a few days post op?  As long as you have that..I would absolutely go for it.  And you are so smart to pay the extra money to get the TT...a great price!  I think you will be thrilled with your results.....I am!

Don't wait any longer...go for it!

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on 4/19/12 12:42 pm
Hello, my TT is sched for June 12th. I am going to disneyland as well but on May 6th. I have a hard time being on my feet for more than an hour so I am using their electric wheelchairs. There is a service that will deliver them to your hotel or you can get to disney when they open (i would get in line 30 prior to opening) and rent one of theirs.

I hope I read your post. That you would only be 6 weeks out when you went to disney land.

I would for sure use the cart if you had your surgery 6 weeks prior.

Sorry that your hubby will be gone especially for so long.

on 4/19/12 1:29 pm
At disneyland(not sure about Disney world) if you have someone in your group that has a wheelchair your group goes to the front of the line. That was on most rides and I think included up to six people if I remember correctly. 
on 4/19/12 2:21 pm
 Congratulations! I'm 7 weeks out & I would consider Disney World with a wheelchair because I know there are days that I'm fine & then there are days when I'm just exhausted. There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason at times to why I'm more tired. The added bonus of not having to wait in line is a big plus & if your kids are young they'll enjoy taking a ride with you! 

I can appreciate your not wanting to put this off. I say go for it! Thank you for your family's service to our country! 

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