three Weeks Post-Op - Uneven?

Brian Wohlgemuth
on 4/19/12 8:47 pm - IN
Most of my swelling has gone down and I'm still wearing the binder obviously.  BUt I noticed today that once side is higher than the other.  My next consult is in two weeks, so I am holding off on saying anything until then.

Did any of you have the same issue? 
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on 4/19/12 9:53 pm
 I'm three weeks out I look so much better then before so don't get me wrong but up to my belly button is flat and above is not ( I guess bump/bulge) I'm not sure if it's normal because the swelling is still going down or what but I hope it all goes flat I'm not looking forward for no revisions I don't want a bigger scar! But time will tell.
on 4/20/12 10:22 am
My friend had a tummy tuck. She was a few years out and she was large on top and small on the bottom. This is my greatest fear. I even asked the doctor if he needs to do lipo up there to make sure that it will be as small as the bottom. I am so nervous. Her TT looked so bad. What do you think?

Maureen K.
on 4/20/12 12:43 am
 Yea hang in there I was all lopsided but it eventually all evened out I did mention it at my appointment and the doc assured me if still a problem in a few months he would do a revision but he was right I just needed to to settle and swelling go down all is good but definitely mention it best wishes 

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Brian Wohlgemuth
on 4/20/12 1:11 am - IN
 Thanks!  I was guessing that is the "norm" but it never hurts to ask.  And yes I will mention it!!!!
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on 4/20/12 3:56 am
I was swollen at first but I couldn't tell. I only noticed the difference once I was no longer swollen. I hear swelling could last for a while before your true shape takes form. 

Robert Oliver
on 4/21/12 12:52 am - Birmingham, AL
Sometimes you will have to make an uneven scar to get the contour even. You see this when people's residual skin/fat is kind of eccentricly deposited (which is not uncommon) or when they sometimes have an old incision on the abdomen you're trying to compensate for.
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