TT and breast lift at the same time?

on 4/20/12 8:29 am - Cape May, NJ
My surgeon mentioned a breast lift at my consult but I dismissed it. They are horrible since my weight loss but I felt like I could live with them with a good bra. However, as my surgery for my extended TT approaches, I'm starting to wonder if I should just do the lift now while I have the opportunity and take advantage of just one recovery.

Anyone done this? Did it make your recovery that much more difficult? I have a final pre op appointment in another week so I'm trying to decide if it's worth bringing it up again or keep it on the back burner.

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on 4/20/12 8:54 am
 I think if you can afford it, go for it. I had both at once I don't think it made it any harder for me to recover. I think it's pretty common for these two procedures to be combined. I am guessing it will also be cheaper to do it together rather than two separate surgeries. If you aren't able to swing it financially I would just go For the tummy tuck. Especially since you can wear a cute bra and still look good. 

on 4/20/12 9:43 am
Hi Amy,

I am 3 weeks and 3 days post TT with muscle work, medial thigh lift with groin incision and
inner thigh lateral incision, BL with silicone implants. My RNY was Feb 2010. I'm 48 years old
and have no health issues. I have no regrets, would do it all again, BUT, this has been a very
difficult and challenging experience.

I was selfpay for the entire process so chose to do as much as I could at the same time. My surgoun was excellent before, during, and after. I've had a good recovery but it has been very
uncomfortable and much more difficult than I imagined.

In my case the breasts have been the easist and least of my worries. I have always had a very small chest with symetry issues and my 100 lb weight loss made things much worse. I opted for a BL with silicone implants under the muscle. They are 375 cc....bigger then I originally thought I would want (after a lifetime of being an A cup), but I am VERY happy with the results. I think they will adjust/settle a bit as I continue to heal....but I think I will end up a full C, and I'm liking it ! LOL.

There was little, actually no real pain with the breasts. Just tenderness which is greatly relieved with a supportive sports bra.

The TT was another story. OMG!!!!! Worth it, Yes, but very uncomfortable probably due to the muscle work. In addition to a lifetime of obesity, I had 3 c-sections and carried large babies, one just under 12 I really needed this surgery. I am very sore, but after the first full week was over I began to feel like I could cope. I took perc/oxycotin for the first 10 days for pain, but I am now magaging very well with Tylenol.

My thighs feel "weird"....not really painful, just sort of tight occasionally. The TT has been the hardest part.

I have a desk job. My doc said I could return after 2 full weeks.....well guess what....I'm not back yet!!! I plan to return the middle of next week p/t and will work my way to full days. I'm needing a nap each afternoon. I am very fortunate that I have a wonderful work situation and plenty of sick time accumulated.

I would not hesitate to do breast work at the same tiime as a TT.  In my experience the breasts were not even thought about as my discomfort has been focused on the TT...but again, NO regrets. It will all be worth it.

I haven't posted much or replied on this site, so I hope this shows up. Best wishes to you with your ultimate decision.

on 4/20/12 10:13 am
Hello, you took the words right out of my mind. I am sched for a TT for June 12th. My doctor stated that he wanted to do the surgeries seperately because if I did both the breast lift and the extended TT that the surgery would be between 7-8 hours and that the longer the surgery is the more chance of issues with anethesia. Also, I took a loan for 5600 and am self pay for 2500 so I figured the financialy responsible thing for myself and my situation is to pay off the TT and then go back and have the Breast lift. Then, I plan on paying that back and maybe get some face work, like injections, botox and a peel. I like the fact that I can do just one thing at a time, pay it off and make this whole new me protocol an extended deal. I will enjoy my today but also the future knowing that I will just look better and better. I have also heard that the TT is pretty much hell as far as pain and recovery. You hear the good, the bad and the ugly about the recoveries.

WHen is your surgery. Do you have tummy measurements. Do a friend request if you want and you can look at my pre TT photos:)

on 4/20/12 10:19 am
we are already friends lol.
on 4/21/12 1:42 am
If you are going to do them both..I would absolutely do them together!  I was thinking of doing the breasts too at the same time but since I was totally self pay I decided that mine were not bad enought to justify the extra money.  The funny thing is since I now have a flat stomach so many people think I have had a boob job because they look bigger now compared to a flat stomach!
Just go for one recovery!  good luck to you

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on 4/21/12 6:16 am - San Jose, CA
My BL/BA was virtually painless and I had sensation in my nipples immediately post op. I was surprised how easy it was compared to the nose job! Mostly the only thing I feel with that is the occasionally tugging situation if I reach too far.

I'm very glad I combined things to avoid additional recovery time, going through multiple surgeries and additional expense. Next year I plan to combine a face lift, arms and thighs.

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Lee ~
on 4/21/12 2:33 pm - CA
 I say go for it!  You'll already be on pain meds and taking time out to recover.  I had all my surgery together and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Laura in Texas
on 4/21/12 11:53 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with
I had them done at the same time. The boobs were easy. I never had any pain or discomfort with them during my recovery. Go for it!!

Laura in Texas

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Maureen K.
on 4/22/12 9:38 am
 Agreed if you can afford it do it for one you wil save money one anesthesia one operating room charge etc I had my TT lower body lift breast lift with implants all in one and my recovery was not too bad so if I had the choice I would go for it 

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