Did you have a surgery be post poned or canceled because of enemia found at your pre op?

on 4/23/12 10:02 am
Hi, my preop is around JUNE st and I have been working on eating my protien and taking my vitamins. since my bypass, I have had problems with enemia and have had to iron infusions. Have any of you had a surgery cancelled or post poned due to vitamin or protien deficiency or any other blood work up issue?

My worry is that I will get my pre-op blood work up and I will be enemic. I had my last tranfusion in late December. Usually I have been getting one transfusion every eight months for the past few years. The doctor sais that I do not have internal bleeding. I will have insurance again in november and I am going to do a little more testing to find out what the problem is.

Also, I can not take iron pills, even the gentle prescribed kind because it kills my stomach no matter what I do.

on 4/24/12 11:19 am
has anyone known anyone else that had this happen or worry about this happening to them?
on 4/24/12 11:31 am
 I didnt have this happen. I'm wondering if you can do your bloodwork a little early to ease your mind. When does your surgeon want you to get blood drawn? I do think I have heard of a few people having to postpone surgery because of this. I find the search bar at he top helpful by punching key phrases. Maybe you can read some old threads about this. Maybe the ones that had that issue in the past aren't that active anymore. Sorry I am no help. 

on 4/26/12 10:14 am
Since my RNY I have had issues with anemia. Before my tummy tuck I had a series of irons infusions (had them in December for February surgery), and 4 weeks before surgery I had to have bloodwork run to make sure my numbers were still good. It was a good thing we checked, too, because my iron was the highest it's been in years and yet, a couple of days after surgery I still needed a blood transfusion...

Good luck!
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