Frustration....HMO denial--Appeal...

on 4/25/12 1:22 am - Israel
Of course HMO denied and am Appealing!
I have follow-up appointment with my PS next Th but because it is written on the paperwork "candidate for surgery", the HMO wont give their "money" for the appointment!
And I have this inguinal hernia that is causing me pain..
HMO surgeon advises I see PS who last operated on me for his opinion.
Oh, and today is Israel Memorial Day, my GP does not work
on W and tomorrow, Th is Israeli Independence Day. On F there is no HMO clinic.
I am going away for the weekend and made appointment for M morn to see my GP.
Annoyed and frustrated. Hoping and Praying for Answers - and of course want the answers to be "yes".
Sorry I needed to complain.
Mikimi in Israel

on 4/25/12 2:17 am - Senatobia, MS
 I would complain too.  Sorry you are having a tough time getting this approved.  Hopefully they will eventually come around for you.


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on 4/25/12 5:47 am
That's what we're here for.  We may not always have answers or help, but we have place for you to vent.

I hope Monday is better!

on 4/25/12 6:08 am - Israel
Thank you.
A friend recommended that I return to wearing my binder.
I did- and now my left and lower abdomen and bikini line hurt when I move. But not much I can about it until Monday. I have hunger and I csn toilet and no vomiting so likelihood of bowel obstruction I think is slim (I just wish I were slim!). My guess is hernia.
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