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on 5/3/12 4:23 pm - Israel
Mastopexy-Breast Lift: How do I know what size sport bra to get?
I don't have a lot of options-it has to be front closing and black.
Until now I wear 38D-42C depending on company and how it holds the side blubber in. In any case I plan on buying the bra on pre-op day as there is a mini-mall at the hospital and a lingerie shop.
Scar Revision on Tcut vertical and horizontal. What to expect? Pain I imagine will be way less than original surgery but will need binder.
I'm sure I'll be in hospital for way leads time than previously.
There are many questions I have for my PS but as I see him at a major hospital clinic I cannot mix types of appointments-meaning thst yesterday was a quick follow-up and next Thursday is the actual pre-op with ps docs nurs and physical exam and anesth-in short the whole day at the clinic as I won't be the only one.
Any questions I should ask?
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on 5/4/12 1:04 am - Philadelphia, PA
I can only answer on the bl part.
They will send you home in a surgical bra, which you will probably be in for a week at least. After that my surgeon said if I wanted to I could continue to wear it. But mine was stained and kinda gross, so I went to Sears and I bought sports bras. One each large and extra large, front zip. I ended up taking the x large back and exchanging it for another large in black.

Now at three weeks they still fit fine. I do think when my swelling goes down I will be able to go into a medium.
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on 5/4/12 4:07 am

I wore the the one that zips in the front....the link should take you there. It is sizes s-xl, so that helps in sizing.

Good luck
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