Fluid drainage color

on 5/15/12 9:24 pm - Cape May, NJ
I'm 8 days post op and have two drains. I'm concerned about the color of my fluid. It was very bright red and thick the first few days then changed to what looked like pink watered down kool aid. Starting yesterday, it's now a very dark red color but still thin. There is no odor and besides the uncomfortableness of the drains themselves, I feel okay. Anyone experience this? I keep reading after the kool aid stage, it should turn yellowish but mine never did. I'm still putting out about an ounce every 12 hours or so.


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Debra Welker
on 5/15/12 11:32 pm - Kaukauna, WI
I am noe 16 days post op and they took my last drain out on monday, mine never did get to the yellowish stage was always bright red. I was still putting out 50 cc in a 24 hour period from one drain. He said it was better to take it out because it can cause infection. I have been keeping a gauze bandage in it because its still draining. Dont let him take the drains to early. Are swollen? Do you have one incision or two? mine is like a unside down T and is swollen and puffy in some areas. It was flat at first but the last week seems more swollen,he said its from moving around alot???. Did your surgeon tell you how many pounds of  "stuff " he took off? mine was 4.5 pounds not sure if thats alot or not. Hope you continue to have a good recovery. Deb
Lee ~
on 5/16/12 1:17 am - CA
We are all different.  The things to look for are redness around the drain site and fever.  I came home from Mexico with two drains.  A few days after I got home from Mexico, I knew that one was getting infected because the site hurt and was getting a bit red.  The good news was that I already had a message from my surgeon telling me that my output from the night before was enough to pull it in the morning.  I was so happy to pull it.  You'll know if it's getting infected. 

If you are concerned, contact your surgeon.

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on 5/16/12 8:57 am
Hmm, from my understanding, dark red drainage this far out might not be normal, but I'm not too sure about that either. I would just put a call in to your surgeon and see what they have to say about it. Maybe you just overdid it, and need to take it easy for a little bit?
on 5/17/12 11:18 am - Cape May, NJ
Went to the Dr today for a follow up. Still have both my drains. He said the color and amount are due to me doing to much... which I totally know I am. I feel pretty good so I think I'm pushing it instead of taking it easy. That's my goal this week... To RELAX and just heal. Nothing else. Now tell that to my husband and four little ones. LoL!!

from 308 to 165 `~ 5 years post op and still keeping it off!!
Proud military spouse and Mom to 4 amazing kids!!

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