Info on TT and very nervous!!

on 9/11/12 8:06 pm - Montréal, Canada
I am looking for information on tummy tucks... I don't know why but I didn't realize there were so many kinds.  I will be 6 years post-op in a couple of days and I have not reached goal and probably never will but as long as I maintain this weight as the highest and work hard to relose some of the weight i've gained back i'm happy. 

Now my question is has anyone regretted the tummy tuck?  Because i'm very nervous to have this operation much more so then when I had the RNY I also have a 4 year old daughter now that I want to make sure i'm there for.. :)

I have a Plastic surgeon appt. this Wednesday to see if my case will be covered by insurance for a Panniculectomy.

Any info or questions that I should ask my doctor please feel free to tell me....

Thanks for any responses.

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on 9/14/12 3:44 pm
I had my tummy tuck in March 2012 -- and have not regretted it for a minute.

I lost 130 pounds and was wearing a size 10 jeans before my surgery --- size 8 now.
My pannis was not huge, but it bothered ME.

My surgeon did a hip to hip incision at the bikini line, removed the excess skin, tightened the muscles underneath, lifted my mons, gave me a new belly button.

He uses a suturing technique that is 'drain-less', and I had an out-patient procedure in a fully accredited surgical center.  I went home with a pain-pump (it is a drip system that gives you anesthetic in your incision for 48 - 72 hours -- then, when it is empty, you pull it out ---- it was wonderful.

I have a flat tummy and I love, love, love it.

It IS major surgery --- I was out of commission for about 4 days (no driving, not leaving the house), then on limited activity for about 4 days -- and then back at work at day 8.

I would ask the doc to explain the type of surgery he would perform on you (at my consult, the nurse took pictures -- and then had me go watch a video about 'Body contouring' while the doctor worked with the pictures --- then, I saw the doc and he showed me what my Before/After pics would be like and he explained all about the procedure.

on 10/5/12 10:47 pm - new york, NY
 I too am preparing for a tt but was told my the dr that MY insurance wld only over the skin removal & not the muscle tightening I'm so disappointed I think I will still go through with it but a bit unsure of the results!
on 10/8/12 11:28 pm - Mashpee, MA
 I am only 3 weeks out from a lbl (whi*****ludes tt) and medial thigh lift so it hasn't stood the test of time but I am thrilled so far. Did you try a search asking the same question?  Maybe you find answers from some people who are further out from their tt. In my research I ran across very few people who were unhappy with their outcomes and the few who were I think perhaps didn't have a surgeon skilled enough with major weight loss patients. Good luck in your research!
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