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Caribou ME
on 11/8/12 1:37 pm - Caribou, ME

My weight has stabilized and now it's time for PS.  I no longer have insurance so most likely I will need to go out of the US.  I need some names and web sites please.  I've googled it however I would prefer if someone could tell me who they had or maybe a friend had the surgeon. 

Right now I've been working with Beauty in Prague.  They have been super nice and I've never waited more than 1 day for a reply.

Also any help with what questions I should ask would be great. 

Thank you in advance.



50 years old
Start weight and bmi -- 228 pounds  40.4 bmi
Current (November 21, 2012) -- 150 pounds  26.6 bmi

on 11/8/12 10:47 pm - Israel
From what I read here on the Board,if you want to go out of country,
go to Dr.Sauceda in Mexico. There is also a group on here and I imagine Chris or Lee or some of the others will chime in.
I live in Israel and wrote the good doc and he answered me! If I had money I would travel but as my finances are now and that Israel is with Socialised Medicine, I will have to stick WIRH what I got and can get for free.
Good luck on your research.
Mikimi in Israel
on 11/9/12 4:39 am

I'm a fan of Dr Sauceda!  We have a very active group here on OH.  You can click on Dr Sauceda in my siggy line and it'll take you over to our group.  If not here's the link:

We currently have 3 folks in Monterrey now, and 2 scheduled for each week through Nov.  Come on over and see why all of us love our new Body by Sauceda.

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on 11/10/12 10:51 pm - Houston, TX

I am not a big advocate of overseas surgery unless there are absolutely no experts available in your area who you can easily get in to see.

If you are seriously considering it, I recommend the following:

Have a local doctor who knows about aftercare from these types of surgeries, and who agrees to assume your care when you get home.  "You don't get what you don't pay for" in terms of aftercare when traveling.

See if your insurance, or perhaps travel insurance, would cover you if you developed problems while away and needed to stay longer or receive extra services.

See if your health insurance covers you for care of possible complications after you are home.

Ask about how you will be treated for blood clot prevention, since a long surgery like this plus the compression garment plus travel (over 3 hours) are all separate risk factors for clot development.

Check online for the actual agency that lists your surgeon's credentials, and understand that "board certification" means different things in different countries.  Word of mouth is important, but your doctor should have a professional society you can reference.
Check the accreditation of the facility where  your surgery will be performed:

and request their free "International Essentials for Quality and Patient Safety" handbook.

Remember that in all probability, you will have no legal protection. However (because of a high demand for it) some plastic surgeons in Sao Palo, Brazil are now beginning to offer up some form of insurance for their patients.  Ask your surgeon if he carries insurance.

If cost savings is your main concern, consider a residency or University training program close to your home as an option.

Hope this helps,

John LoMonaco, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Plastic Surgery
Houston, Texas
Caribou ME
on 11/16/12 6:26 am - Caribou, ME

Thank you everyone for your help.

50 years old
Start weight and bmi -- 228 pounds  40.4 bmi
Current (November 21, 2012) -- 150 pounds  26.6 bmi

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