Mastoplexy w/ upper body lift advice

Amy Smith
on 11/17/12 10:52 am
I have already had a lbl, etc. but next month it is time for the upper body. I felt I had read many of your stories as I prepared for my lbl, but I have not read many who have had mastoplexy or an upper body lift. I am not having implants but my 2 breasts are very if fervent so one will be reduced and the other will have a little augmentaion(w/o implants). I am doing this right before Christmas ( i did my lbl the same day 365 days ago). I'm just curios to hear some of your stories and suggestions for taking card of myself at home.

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on 11/17/12 1:50 pm - Raleigh, NC

I just had a mastoplexy ( had arms done at the same time) on Nov 7th.  I also didn't get implants.  There has been virtually no pain which my breasts. (The arms did have some pain but minor)   Other than the drains and the weird sensation of the chest being swollen, there's nothing special about caring for yourself at home.  Had I just done the mastoplexy, my doctor would have allowed me to return to work in 3 days.  You will have a lot more mobility after this surgery than you did with your LBL. 

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on 11/18/12 4:15 am

I had mastopexy at the same time as I had my arms done.


I went home with one drain in each underarm which were pulled the very next day when I went for a wound check.

really, very little pain from the breasts.  I wore the self close bra they gave me around the clock, took it off to shower and changed to a clean one.


I put ABD pads on the incisions, then a soft tshirt and then the bra.

the sorest part for me was on my sides ... I am a side sleeper and that was tender for a few weeks, but not a huge deal.

compared to an LBL, this should be a breeze.

good luck!


on 11/18/12 8:07 am - Crestview, FL

on Nov 6, I had an extended mastopexy, no implants, as well as a abdominiplasty.  My breast drains were removed on day 3 post op and breasts required very little attention other than I wore  pads between the supplied compression bra and suture line until I had no more oozing (about 2-3 days) and then nothing other than the compression bra 24-7 (still wear).  The pain was very minimal.

Good luck.

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