Tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation

on 2/28/13 2:25 am - NC

I am scheduled to have plastic surgery in a couple of weeks.  Any help with what meds you can take pill wise and liquid and also can you let me know any help with the drains?  Also are their any people that have used a NC surgeon out there ? Maybe same surgeon?  Thanks for all your help? 

on 3/3/13 9:49 am

I had TT and lift/augmentation on thursday.  Doctor prescibed an antibiotic and Norco for pain.  I don't have a lot of pain, but there is a lot of pressure that the norco wasn't really helping with and I didn't like the way it made me feel, so I'm taking Tylenol and doing okay.  I won't lie, its really rough, but a little better every day.  The drains are no problem.  They are in front and easy to drain.  Doc says should be out Monday at my first post op.  crossing my fingers.  These binding garments are a pain too.  After the first week cut back to wearing them 12 hours a day.  Have frozen peas on hand and you really will need help around the house for a couple days.

Martha P.
on 3/9/13 11:13 pm - Timberlake, NC

I have a TT and arm life at Duke in NC.  I had it done on 2/19.  I took pain medication for the 1st week.  I went back to work after 10 days (desk job).  I still wear compression garments.  I will get the stitches out of belly button on Monday.  My doctor would not do the TT and the breast lift at the same time.  He said it would be too much so I am having the breast lift later. 


Good luck!

Martha P.

on 3/10/13 7:53 am

i am haveing arm lift in may but they dont put garment on the arms so haw can i get some


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