Lifting up the girls!!!!

on 6/8/13 4:42 am

I had a v/s in 2011 and have lost over 100lbs. Before surgery my girls were a 52G, now with the weight loss I am a 38ddd ( the ddd is a lot of lose skin). I had a panni done  last year, now that my tummy is gone my girls have nothing to sit up on. I am considering a breast lift and reduction. My question for any of you out there who have gone through this, what was your down time, how painful was it and did you regain your feeling in your nipples? Thanks for any advice


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on 6/8/13 5:21 am - Israel
I was not nearly as large in top as you but I had a Breast Lift ten months ago.
I scar ugly and always have something weird happen to me (orthopedic surgery and I had to have a revision!).
That being said, my breast lift was more painful for me than others claim - possibly due to my incisions opening on the right areola. I took almost four months for the incisions to completely heal. And now I have dog-ears on the sides.
I am over-sensitive in the nipple department!
I am more than happy to talk with you (on my dime) or to send you pics via my iPhone. I live in Israel and we are seven hours later than NY.
Mikimi in Israel [email protected]
on 6/8/13 8:01 am

Compared to my lower body lift, my breast lift was a piece of cake. I took pain pills for a couple of days and took it easy for about a week. The pain was very minor after the day of surgery. I am 4 1/2 months out from my breast lift and I have very minimal feeling in one nipple and still no feeling in the other. There have been micro-improvements since surgery. Just enough to say I'm not giving up hope, but not enough to be happy about.

Otherwise I am happier that I had the surgery than I had even anticipated. It has been so worth it!


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on 6/10/13 9:52 am - Ballston Lake, NY

I am 7 days post op. breast lift and tummy tuck. Doctor removed only skin, which was a lot of skin. I had anchor cut to get most lift due to major sag both from weight loss and breast feeding 3 babies. When I saw my perky boobs for the first time I was overjoyed, it is so worth it! 

I don't have any breast pain, and can touch them, and still feel them. They aren't numb like my tummy at all. Incisions underneath rubbing at garment is a bit annoying but not a big deal.

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on 6/10/13 11:29 am
Thanks ladies for the info


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on 6/12/13 2:06 am - Alpharetta, GA

HI there! Not to hijack, but i often thought for those of us maybe smaller up top, that a breast lift is best accompanied by implants for the best results?  did all of the responders only have Lifts and no implants?  I am currently a 34DD, but the actual breast tissue is less I think.  I was targeting implants to be added as well as I think the breast tissue alone without the skin may be closer to a "B"

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on 6/14/13 2:21 pm - East Lansing, MI

I had breast lift without implants 4 weeks ago.  Breast pain was so minimal compared to abdominal pain.  Anchor cut scars are thin, nipples have lost sensitivity, but ps said they could return.  They are amazing so far.  I was a 40c,  mostly because I had such loose skin on the side boobs.  My incision goes back about 3 inches behind my armpit.  Ps guesses I will be a nice B.  

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