on 6/12/13 2:03 am - Houma, LA

Hello, I had a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants.Does anyone know what I can use on my scars to reduce them? Thanks for any help.



on 6/12/13 2:34 am
I use a product called kelo cote which is a silicon based scar cream. Not cheap but it works well on my scars.

on 6/12/13 2:58 am - Houma, LA

Thank you, where would I get that from?

on 6/12/13 4:03 am
I order it from amazon but it is one of amazons partners that sells it. If you get it, use it sparingly as a little bit goes a long way.

on 6/12/13 7:13 am - West Chester, PA
Make sure you check with your surgeon if its okay to use anything yet. Mine said he'll let me know what to use once I'm cleared for it

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on 6/17/13 12:10 am

I moved out of state from my plastic surgeon (700 mi away). So for my 6-week TT post op I went to a local PS. He gave me a Gelzone wrap to try for free. This is a self-adhesive silicone sheet that wraps around me like a binder over and around the incision site. Reportedly, similar silicone devices have been used successfully both in wound healing and in the prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars, with many studies proving their clinical effectiveness. 

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Shelly C.
on 6/18/13 11:54 am - Alameda, CA

I have lots of scars  form my mommy makeover and work in the aesthetic industry, so I have become a guinea pig. For my tummy tuck scar and breast scars  the BEST thing I used was the mepitac silicone tape, Silicone puts pressure on the scar which helps fight the fiberous collagen formation from making it hard. I also had an IPL treatment done to help fade the redness.

On my arms, I am still in treatment, at first I used the tape, and it looked like my scars were not going to spread ( I wore my compression clothes religiously for 3 months, but about 5 months out the scars started to become hypertrophic. I have been having Broad Band Light treatments and Profractional resurfacing done with kenalog 40 being applied topically to the open wounds. This is helping my body to generate healthy cells where the scar zone is (this treatment is used on burn victims who have the stricture scaring) I started this back in April and the scars are getting softer. It will be a while before the color is lighter due to using the BBL therapy.

If I had known about the laser and kenalog sooner I would have asked for it to be done at month 2-3.  I also used the bioCorneum lotion which makes your scar softer, it contains silicone.

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