Am I the only one who gets complications from Day Surgery?

on 10/31/13 10:56 am - Israel
It has been a few days since posting but I am email buddy with a plastic OHerand we commiserate our individual journeys even if our procedures done were totally different but I cherish our correspondence!
My BL/BR was 30/07/12.
That being said, my procedure journey is never uneventful!
Day surgery with local anesthetic for dog-ear removal and bra blubber on my left side. Incision is 20cm/8" long. Lots of anesthetic was injected with many teeny dissolving stitches and steri strips with maxi pad taped over. This was a rather long day surgery but I made it through and due to the kindness and camaraderie of the two ps working on me and the nurses in the OR I felt secure - unlike in the pre-op area before I went in to the OR.
I stayed overnight by friends who live near the hospital as I live three hours away by busses. I had my own oxy and Valium on hand.
Two days later I went to my HMO clinic in my own home town and had arranged a nurse appointment. This nurse took off the maxi pad and then she proceeded to remove the steri strips (most plastics patients are told to not touch the streri strips as they often/ususlly fall off in time in the showers) and quickly realized the error but she also told me not to put anything on my incision. Bad and detrimental advice! Different protocol in different cities doctor hospital. But I suffered as the ps had written to use antibiotic cream twice a day and as I stupidly listened to the nurse, the next day I had a warm bright pink breast! No temperature as I had started oral antibiotic the night before my procedure.
Friday night and Saturday I kept calling my HMO hotline for advice and finally Saturday night I went to my city hospital ER to see surgeon (but no ps on staff). He examined me and wrote up cosmetic surgery with infection and inflammatory breast disease. I had done US breast in July and I have teeny cysts. The ER surgeon recommended I see my GP and the ps who had performed my procedure.
So Sunday morning I'm on a public bus traveling and getting stuck in traffic on both sides of the highway with only bus fare and in excruciating pain. One friend texting me to distract me from my pain and suggesting I just open my bra and let the boob hang out. We were going to be late for me to get the special van to the hospital and I had to beg from passengers money for a taxi to the hospital. Once at the hospital I still had to wait nervously for the HMO co-pay for the clinic appointment while worrying the ps would yell at me that yet again I had a complication it took four hours for the paperwork to process and when I did see the ps everything went emotionally smoothly. He took off the steri strips, gently cleaned the area and put on cream and bandage. He also told me to continue oral antibiotics, antibiotic cream twice a day and return in a week.
I made my way to HMO pharmacy for more antibiotic and cream and bandages and decided I will not go near my HMO nurses and began phone calls to arrange for help with my shower care as the incision is just at this inconvenient angle to not easily reach in my own as I live alone.
Not every friend has tape they can volunteer (or even be paid) based on the work and family schedule as well as not everyone is comfortable looking at another woman's naked body Edie silly one with numerous scars and a weird fresh scar! I finally get most of that arranged and I get a text to my phone that my HMO will not cover the co-pay for my upcoming clinic appointment on Sunday as it is deemed cosmetic! I paid out of pocket but aftercare the HMO should cover especially as the complication was caused by the nurse. I wanted to seemly GP but she was on vacation do I waited to see another GP who listened and looked at my iPhone pics, typed into his comply my info, and voila, out comes my HMO co-pay for the clinic appointment!
Later I was by a friend drinking and enjoying a coffee and homemade cookies when I felt something hard and strange in my mouth. I spit out a crown but the "positive" is this crown is from the tooth that was to be extracted this week and I had cancelled when I travelled early to my plastics clinic appointment. So the dental mishap will be dealt with next Wednesday.
Never a dull moment along with dealing with exhaustion!
Mikimi in Israel
on 11/1/13 3:18 am - Senatobia, MS


I think all of your traveling back and forth puts you at a disadvantage for healing good.  I came home from the hospital and did not do anything for a solid week before I went back to have my first drain removed.  I have never had any healing problems at all with any of my surgeries.  I wish you the best and hopefully you will heal better after this first hurdle.


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on 11/1/13 4:10 am - Israel
My surgeries I was in hospital for several days before traveling home.
But this was a Day Surgery with Local Anesthetic - incision (20cm/8" long) from the outer corner under left breast to remove dog-ear and around part if the body to remove "tail of the breast" bra blubber, and a friend's son came to get me and I stayed by them overnight.
The traveling takes a lot of my strength than I realize and I notice that when I go up to town by bus in my city and go to my HMO and errands how tiring it is for me-and I can't get anyone else to go for me if it is for me to have seen the nurse to remove the bandage.
However this time my complication happened right after a nurse took off the bandage and told me to not put anything on it. The next day my breast was red and warm and I was at home. And the ps had given me orders to put antibiotic cream on incision twice a day.
I've not even gone out grocery shopping or to eat a Sabbath meal out.
I'm home and falling asleep while watching tv as I lay in my recliner. I am also still taking Augmentin as per my ps directions.
on 11/1/13 11:42 am - Petoskey, MI
Just sending you hugs, hang in there!
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