Sex post LBL

on 6/17/14 3:52 am - CA

I'm sure there are plenty of posts about this right now, but I'm bored so I thought I'd start another. :)

I definitely notice a difference in my "lady area" post lbl in terms of tightness of skin.  Obviously that won't really impact anything internally, but I'm just wondering how different sex was post LBL for other ladies on the forum.

This is such a TMI question, but where else could I possibly ask it, lol?

As an added bonus, I think I'm going to enjoy the lower "top" of my pubic hair just from a grooming perspective. 

Unexpected (or glossed over) "benefits" from this procedure, I guess?

I really should fold laundry or something. . .

Sarah, VSG Dr. Cirangle--12/28/12, HW: 265 SW: 253 GW: 130???

on 6/17/14 6:18 am - TX
VSG on 10/08/12

I haven't noticed a difference in the actual feeling of sex, but I can tell you that I enjoy being naked a whole lot more.  And wearing teeny tiny undies.  And being naked.  Did I mention being naked?  :)  I have always hated my mons area, even when I was pretty young and thin, and now it is just perfect.  Still a little hard (doc said this takes the longest to soften up an loose swelling - about 3 months), and I'm about two months post LBL.

I'm so glad you mentioned the lower "top" of the pubic hair.  I have very, very little body hair, but I love having even less down there to groom.  Added benefit :)


on 6/17/14 8:37 am - CA

My husband cannot wait to play with my new boobs, lol.  I told him I was going to tell people I got them for him for Father's Day, lol. :)  The biggest reason I did this was to feel good naked, because he was getting pretty frustrated with my desire to be covered 24/7.  I think it will work.

Can't wait for the return of my ass, too! Sitting is painful!!

Sarah, VSG Dr. Cirangle--12/28/12, HW: 265 SW: 253 GW: 130???

on 6/17/14 11:44 pm - TX
VSG on 10/08/12

I've never had much of a butt, but it's so cute now (to me).  It's the same size, but it's higher and adorable.  My hubs and I started doing the deed while I still had a drain, less than two weeks after surgery.  My surgeon told me it was OK if I actually wanted to do it, then he gave me the skeptical eyebrow raise.  He so badly wanted to play with the new boobs, but it was a "look but not touch" policy for quite awhile :)


on 7/29/14 10:55 am - AZ

Hello, I'm having a breast lift w/implants and upper arm lift in September, and I'm a little nervous about post surgery sex. My husband is a major "boob guy" and I'm concerned about how long until I'll feel ok with him touching the girls. I've heard anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. Can you possibly shed any light on this for me? 

I'm also having a lbl, outer thigh lipo & fat transfer/butt lift in December. My PS will also smooth out my mons (thank God). So how embarrassed will I be if I show up for marking hairless?


Thaks for your honest feedback! 

Lyss Remaly
on 6/17/14 11:24 pm - Wheeling, IL

Sex is WAY more fun!!! I don't have to worry about the slapping of my tummy skin on my thighs anymore.  The boyf is absolutely a fan of the upgrade.  We started dating a few months before my tummy tuck over a year ago and I keep telling him how lucky he is that he got a free GF upgrade haha It has been SO fun to wear sexy lingerie and feel sexy naked.  I love it!

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