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I am set to have a TT and Breast Augmentation at the end of august. I am taking 2 weeks off work. I have a sedentary job.  My sister is a nurse for a plastic surgeon and I will be staying with her after for about a week.  Any advice or things I should be concerned about. I am doing some reading here on this forum but I am wondering just what to expect recovery wise.  

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I had the TT last year.  I slept in a recliner for a few days, due to not being able to stretch out and lay flat.  It was just easier to sleep in the recliner and get out of it too.   It will be very hard to stand up straight for about a week or two.    You will have to wear a type of wrap to help brace you and hold everything in.  I'm glad I had it done.  I am extremely happy with the results!!  Good luck and take care!

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I had a TT 11/ 2011.... I was not able to stand upright for a few weeks... I also took two weeks off from work but was still hunched over and was not able to fully stand upright until 6 weeks out... by 4 weeks out it was better, but at 3 weeks people kept asking me what was wrong... I have a history of bursitis which causes me back pain so I just used that as an excuse! That was the only thing I was really surprised/didnt think about. I also wore the tummy compression garment for as long as the surgeon said, I had seen a lot of people complaining but I felt a LOT better wearing it, gave me support to keep me from hunching over too much.

Currently I had 6 days post BA/BL and arm lift... this compression garment is AWFUL.. I am miserable with the garment and drains. The surgeon who did my TT did do drains so I lucked out... my 1 week follow up is Friday so I am praying these drains come out, but the garment is to be worn 23 hours a day for 3 weeks.. uggggh. My back is hurting from sleeping with my chest/arms elevated (I am a side sleeper) and have to say I am much more uncomfortable this go around than the TT. However, I will say with the garment off, my arms are happy but my chest feels heavy and is very swollen... I have to remember not to bend over because it does not feel all that well. 

I would say, if I could have afforded I would have split up the arm lift and BA/BL and done the BA/BL w/the TT... I think a TT/BA combo may be a good choice... so you can at least use your arms/legs which your stomach/chest is resting. I didnt want to split up at this point since I knew if I had only the arms I would be antsy for the boobs and vice versa. I look forward for the next few weeks to pass and the healing to progress so I can get back to "normal"

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I could have gone back to work at 2 weeks with a lower body lift whi*****luded TT.  I am now recovering from BA and arm lift and I could go back to work on Wed but will be have my thighs done next week.

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If you click through to my profile page you can access a link to my tummy tuck article. It was my first plastic surgery and I wrote extensively about my experience, including the things I bought for recovery and the things I'd wished I had bought. Good luck to you! It is a surgery that can yield very powerful results! 

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