ARM LIFT PAIN *UH OH* Is this normal?

Lyss Remaly
on 8/12/14 2:07 am - Wheeling, IL

Hello all!

I am one month out from my lipo of the thighs with bilateral brachioplasty (arm lift).  I am still having really painful stinging on my right arm.  So much that it hurts to the touch like when I have my suit jacket on and when I'm trying to prop my arms up as I am falling asleep.  I cannot find a comfortable position.  After my tummy tuck / breast lift I was off the pain meds and moving around within two weeks... this just seems like it is taking forever and I'm wondering if this is normal?  My doctor said that it will take a while since we use our arms more but has anyone else had pain this far out?


Thank you so much for your replies!!


alla B.
on 8/12/14 5:56 am

Congrats on you PS!

My arm lift was more painful procedure, I had tummy tuck, breast reduction as well.I was in pain almost 2 month, sorry I do not want to scare you.I had some complications, open armpits for 4 month.

But it was all worthed, my arms much better now. I do not like my scars, but this is another story.

I wish you speedy recovery and all the best..


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on 8/12/14 7:50 am

No problems with my arm lift...not much different, pain wise, from the TT.  I have been told that the skin is thinner, etc on the arms.  Give it a little time; your nerves may be on hyper-sensitive for a while.  I'm still feeling a little weird numb-wise from my lower neck-lift done in early July...just giving it some time.  Best of luck.  Heal well.  bonnie

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on 8/12/14 8:05 am

My forearms hurt from the compression garment.  I'd wrap the heating pad around each one for 5 min in the morning and at night.  It did eventually go away.  I should have split the compression garment open a tad bit.  The warmth from the heating pad helped.

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Jennifer R.
on 8/12/14 12:36 pm - New York, NY

I hated the sensation of anything touching my arms for a long time after surgery. They hurt to touch for about 8 weeks and even after that, it just kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies to have anything brush against the incision. Mine didn't hurt so much as they were just numb. I slept on my back with my arms propped up on pillows for quite some time before I was able to lay on my side with my arms up by my head. It might still be too early for you but it helped me to gently rub my incision every so often to get used to the sensation. 



on 8/12/14 12:59 pm
VSG on 06/29/12
I feel the same way with my lower body lift scars,with the heebie-jeebies, I'm 2 months out. Hate anything touching scars...even the cool air bothers scars. :/



on 8/12/14 8:13 pm - mississauga, Canada

Yes  this normal or at least it was in my case. I had my thighs and arms done in February and I even still get pain.  Sometimes id be sleeping in  bed beside my man and be crying out from pain he'd be like awww what can I do to help it was so awesome that he was there for me.  I of course even had two seroma on my thighs which didn't help with pain but all healed well.  I hope you feel better.  Xoxo and congrats 

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Laura in Texas
on 8/13/14 11:04 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with

After about 10 days most of the pain was gone from my arm lift, except when I reached too high or too far, then I would get a sharp stinging feeling. That lasted a few months.

Laura in Texas

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(deactivated member)
on 8/14/14 9:15 am

As the swelling goes down, the nerve endings become active and may cause shooting pains or just aches. Fortunately, they usually do go away with the longer you are after your operation. Just like the scars are red on outside, there is inflammation on the inside. Don't forget to use some support like my ScarxTape for the scars as well as the armlets both of which may also help the discomfort.


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