hernia repair and tummy tuck

on 1/17/15 12:23 am - VA

OK, I'm 7.5 years out of rny, and just recently had a total hysterectomy...I debated on doing my tummy tuck then since i now know there will be no more children (im 34)but didn't bc I wasn't sure how the whole hormonal imbalance would be on me and just didn't want to put too much on myself. NOW I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to need a hernia repair, which I think is incisional from my rny...who has had a hernia repair(s) and tummy tuck at the same time, wondering if insurance will cover it if done together, bc rumor is they will...have appt with my PCP scheduled for this week to get the ball rolling

Ashley in Belgium
on 1/17/15 5:17 am - Belgium
RNY on 08/08/13

I'm 3 months out from multiple hernia repair and full extended TT w/diastis repair.  All covered by insurance but that is normal where I live.  Hope they can sort you out soon - it's exhausting to live with the hernias IMO.  Good luck- Ashley

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on 1/21/15 6:56 am
RNY on 02/28/13

Hi-- I am just four weeks out from hernia repair and an abdominal wall reconstruction.  It was supposed to be a tummy tuck, but because my diatasis recti muscles were so far apart and because my skin was so compromised from two C-sections, emergency gall bladder (10 inch scar) and emergency hernia repair last year, he was not able to tighten the skin as much as possible.  I did get a full panniculectomy--which is great, but I have some extra skin right where my belly button was.  (Was because it had been so damaged from surgery that it was unsalvageable.  If I miss it, I will get a tattoo!) 

Anyway, all was covered by insurance--that was the good part.  I can get a revision in a year or so and get the skin removed and tightened.  When I see the surgeon in three months, I will ask the cost.

The amazing thing is that even with the little tummy, which will shrink some, I am down two dress sizes. 

The hernia repair was a godsend.  I didn't realize how much it bothered me until it was fixed. 

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