Mexico Plastic Surgeon Other than Dr Sauceda

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Looking for a Board Certified plastic surgeon in Tijuana ONLY.

Also looking for a well equipped hospital prepared for all types of potential complications. I had my gastric sleeve performed at Hosp Angeles which was an excellent experience.

Looking at Salvador Medina who operates at the Ariel Center and Hosp Angeles.

Also, Dr Cardenas seems excellent.

Finally, Dr Pablo Cervantes of Hosp Angeles.

The previous two had very good reviews and photos on realself.

Any recent experiences with the above surgeons

I now many who post requesting a plastic surgeon in Mexico receive responses advocating for Dr. Sauceda. He seems like a fine surgeon but does not interest me. 


Tracy D.
on 9/2/15 12:33 pm - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

I had researched Dr. Victor Gutierrez very thoroughly and was very close to booking with him....until my husband put his foot down about Mexico :-(  

Dr. Gutierrez has reviews on and at one time there was a Gutierrez group on here.  AZDee has used him with good results.  

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on 9/2/15 1:17 pm

Thanks Tracy D

on 9/15/15 7:26 pm

That's unfortunate. I have had 9 procedures with Sauceda. Been to his OR 3 times. I had an awesome facelift after losing close to 300 lbs. he's an artist with wls patients. I wouldn't trust my skin removal to anyone else. Good luck with your search.

12/09 and 6/11, 9 skin removal procedures with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico
Revised to the Sleeve after losing 271 lbs with the LapBand. 

on 9/16/15 7:53 am - Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Victor Gutierrez is a board certified Plastic Surgeon located in Tijuana.  His specialty training was all done in Israel where the standards are very  high.  Not only does he hold a specialty in PS but he also holds one in micro-surgery, so his fine details are flawless.  His sewing is some of the best I have seen.  His prices seem to be inline with what others are charging.  He is very conservative in his approach, as there are certain things he will just not do.  First if you think you are going to have your whole body completely redone in one surgery he is not your man.  He will not gamble with ones health.  Yes he does use twilight sedation but making it out alive from a very long surgery does not mean your surgery was a success.  Having too much done at one time puts a stress on ones body so he will only do 2 maybe 3 procedures at one time.  Also if you are not at or very close to your final goal, he will make you wait, where others seem not to have issues operating on patients with a lot of extra weight.  Again it's all because of healing and safety of the patient.  If this approach fails into what you are looking for, you will not find a better surgeon in Tijuana.  They pick up their patients right a the San Diego airport and then it's a 30 min. drive down to their center.  They will take care of all your recovery needs too.  His patient coordinator Elsa is very helpful and they can do a online evaluation too. 

on 9/16/15 7:59 am - Gilbert, AZ

Please check out concerning some of the Doctors you have will find real reviews from actual patients and many have photos too...

on 9/16/15 8:14 am

Thanks AZDee. I have been researching diligently. I have been in contact with Dr V. Gutierrez and he was prompt and detailed in his recommendation. 

I am also looking into Dr Cardenas and two surgeons at Hosp Angeles, Dr Cervantes or Dr. Medina.

As a physician, I was quite impressed with Hosp Angeles and the medical care I received during my gastric sleeve procedure.

I can tell you one thing, the quote I received from Dr Gutierrez was the lowest but cost is a secondary factor for me. 

I have time to figure this all out.

Thx for your input.

on 9/21/15 3:32 am, edited 9/21/15 3:32 am

I have the same question. Dr. Sauceda does seem like a decent surgeon, but IMO his scars look terrible... I'm currently looking into Dr. Pantoja and Dr. Yanez... Hopefully, I'll find someone soon... Good luck to u!!

on 9/26/15 2:31 am

Have you been to Sauceda's OH forum? The afters don't look bad at all! My scars are beautiful! 

12/09 and 6/11, 9 skin removal procedures with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico
Revised to the Sleeve after losing 271 lbs with the LapBand. 

on 9/26/15 7:07 am

Yes, I have been to his forums. I just don't like how high his tt scars are. He seems to be a great surgeon, but just not the surgeon for me. 

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