What do i want done?

on 4/28/16 2:07 pm
RNY on 03/30/15

I am just beginning to research plastics and am not exactly sure how to know what I want done. 

Where do I start? 

on 4/28/16 7:03 pm

What bothers you the most?  Where do you have the excess skin?  When you look in the mirror what makes you say "if only this wasn't here."?  It's really up to you and your pocketbook.   Good luck 

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on 4/28/16 7:07 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

What bothers you the most?  I knew if I did it, I was having LBL and arms...wasn't sure about the thighs and breasts...through the process of consults and talking to family/friends realized my breasts were really important to me too...so they were put higher on the list. I would like to have my thighs done too, will it happen? I don't know...I figure I only really live with them exposed 2 months out of the year.

I think the best thing is to go and have a consult. My first one was via phone with Dr. Timothy Katzen in California. and I live in NY.   I did consider him, but I didn't choose him,... it did start the process and I learned a lot. Total I did 5 consults. 2 via phone, and 3 in person. Actually chose the other surgeon I did the phone consult with....

I ended up having my LBL with Dr. Joseph Michaels in DC area. He is an amazing surgeon. I am going for Part 2 Monday, BL and AL. It has been worth the travel.


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Laura in Texas
on 4/28/16 7:52 pm

If money is no object and you need the works, most surgeons split it up into 2 major surgeries. 

I am a single mom with not much money. My arms bothered me the most and are a relatively cheap body part to fix, so I had them done first. The rest I could hide with shapewear. A few years later, I did have a lbl/bl. I could still use more work done, but have made peace with my body and love myself "as-is" now. Life is good!! 

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Leslie W.
on 4/29/16 12:05 am - Cobourg, Canada

I started with tt.Didn't think of doing lbl as $$ at the time. Within 2 yr completed the lbl with posterior body lift. Doing one place can lead to other parts showing more. Wasn't planning anything else after tt. But here I am. Had spiral thigh lift with revision of tt. Then bracioplasty, masteplexy, thigh lipo. Going today for breasst augmentation. Have medial thigh lift booked for end of the month.

Your surgeon will be able to help you decide ad plan. Goodd luck

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Great suggestions here - also Take pictures of yourself in the (skimpiest)  clothes that you reasonably want to wear from all views.  See what you think your biggest problem is. It may be different than what you think. 

Plastic Surgery is not for sissies - so do the one that bothers you the most first.


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