Outpatient surgery for plastics?

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 4/6/17 6:19 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16

I'm still a ways out from having plastics, but I have done a little research and am super surprised that it seems a lot of people have plastics in outpatient, and go home that same day?

I just cant wrap my head around that.. seems like its SUCH a more invasive surgery (as far as post op pain) than VSG even is, and I was in hospital for 3 days (per my surgeon plan, not due to any issues).

Is that pretty normal?

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on 4/6/17 7:47 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with

I know that my friend had

just a Tummy Tuck and she went

home the same day,

I had a lower body lift, arm lift and breast lift

and only had to stay overnight...


Heather L.
on 4/6/17 8:43 am - North Vancouver, Canada
VSG on 03/26/15

My surgeon will do my arms as outpatient day surgery, but my for my LBL, I'll have one overnight stay.

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on 4/6/17 10:01 am

I was surprised, as well, but it is very common, apparently!

What I have discovered via multiple consults and research, is that a hospital stay is typically done if 1) insurance is covering the skin removal portion, and 2) if you're willing to spend the money.

Since the majority of PS is paid for out-of-pocket, typically hospital stays really, really add to the cost.

As far as invasiveness and post-op pain, I think you will find many different experiences. I kinda think of VSG as invasive because they're cutting out part of my internal organ. The surgeons I have spoken with advised me that my post-plastics pain level will also be minimal as I require no muscle tightening, so I really think it depends. Post-plastics recovery is also more visible (with cuts, drains, etc) so I think that contributes somewhat as well.

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on 4/6/17 11:30 am

I was almost 59 and wasn't comfortable having surgery and being sent home with a pain pump. I chose Dr Sauceda for the 24/7 care in the surgery clinic. I was in the clinic for a week, 4 days after all my body, I had a full facelift. I then recovered at the hotel for a week before flying home. I had daily visits from Dr Sauceda and his RN Paty while at the hotel.

The only real pain when I needed my pain pills was from the facelift and the chin strap that held my ears back on the stitches. I was uncomfortable, not not in pain. I have a very low pain threshold. Most of that was due to the twilight sedation and the epidural.

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Gwen M.
on 4/6/17 12:57 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

I believe that only my first plastics will be an overnight stay.

Plastics is actually much less invasive than WLS since it's not very internal. Even an LBL/TT only goes as deep as your muscle layer - you're not breaching any any cavities or the visceral peritoneum or anything. So it seems like a big surgery with all these big huge scars, and it's time consuming, but it's really superficial in depth usage of the word.

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Leslie W.
on 4/6/17 3:01 pm - Cobourg, Canada

For TT had done in hospital and stayed overnight. Now my surgeon does in his clinic and done a day surgery. Had thigh lift, breasts, arms, second thigh lift and all done as outpatient.

You just need to make sure you have your meds and everything ready. Was much happier in my bed and able to take my own medications. Your PS should give you contact number if you have any issues.

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on 4/7/17 9:54 am - Raleigh, NC

I first had an arm and breast lift, then three months later a tummy tuck. Both as outpatient. I'm 59 and had no problems whatsoever. Actually I believe I was better able to control my pain at home, when I had foot surgery the nurses were never on time with my pain meds and I was in agony.


on 4/7/17 10:29 pm
RNY on 09/29/14

I have had two surgeries for plastics so far. The first was an armlift and I came home the same day. It would not have been a problem had I not been allergic to the surgical glue that was used. The first night was rough the second was hell on earth. My arms were burning so bad that I was praying that god would lessen the pain enough so that I could handle it. We switched to a heavier pain medication the next day and after that I was fine.

Knowing how bad it was the first time I was dreading my second surgery knowing full well that I was having multiple procedures and one was an abdominalplasty. Having researched like crazy and having had stomach surgery previous I knew that it was going to be rough. My surgeon offered a reasonable solution to remain in the hospital for 500 per night and I decided to stay two nights. In the hospital you can get IV pain medications that work much faster than oral. Yes, I had a lot of pain those first two nights and I was glad I was in the hospital. I had a full abdominalplasty, Breast lift, breast augmentation and a small revision to my left arm. My surgery took 10 hours from start to finish. I could NOT imagine going home and having my husband have to hear how bad it was when I stood up. Nurses can handle it, he couldnt. LOL

If you can stay.....I would unless it is one procedure. Had I just had my breasts done I would have gone home the same day.

You are absolutely right.....having my WLS was a walk in the park compared to the pain of plastics. That being said, it is one of the best things I have ever done. I love how my body looks both with and without clothing. In fact, I find myself walking around the house in just panties.......My confidence level with my body is the best it has been since before I had children. Originally I weighed 315lbs at my heaviest, I lost 152 and it left my body with lots of loose skin. I am still considering having my neck done and also my thighs and butt. Right now I am still recovering so I do not plan to do those anytime soon. I need a break for a while to let my body recover fully.

Gwen M.
on 4/8/17 6:47 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Ugh that allergic reaction sounds horrible! My skin is super sensitive to adhesives and I have a neomycin allergy, so this is one of the few things I'm worried about with my own plastic surgery. Maybe I can try out the bandages my surgeon uses when I see him about a month prior to surgery for my pre-op appointment.

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