Tummy Tuck and Lift/Implants - May 12th CONCERNS

Lisa R.
on 4/25/17 11:37 am - Madison Township, PA

I am a DS patient, surgery done 12/07. Lost 90+ lbs. and after a long, drawn out few years - somehow, someway I am finally able to have these procedures done.

I work for a healthcare system, and upon meeting a surgeon at one of our locations, I decided to go with him. Initially I went in for the TT consultation, but a week later I decided to add the other two procedures.

My questions/concerns are this - now that the time is getting closer, I'm thinking if these are exactly the right procedures. Or if they are being done at the right times? I see some posters on here aren't getting the lift and implants together, and there is a difference between the TT and lower body procedures.

I'm not second guessing things, I don't know - maybe because the date is getting closer, my mind is racing? I can't say I am nervous at all, despite knowing I will have a great deal to recover from and considerable pain to deal with. I'm just happy to finally be able to be having this done.



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Gwen M.
on 4/25/17 11:51 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Does your surgeon specialize in clients who has lost massive weight? Have you asked them for their opinion on what procedures would be best for your body/situation?

My understanding of why the lift and implants should be done separate makes sense to me as both things are pulling in opposite directions. But I'm also not getting implants, so it's not something I've investigated a lot.

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Lisa R.
on 4/25/17 12:43 pm - Madison Township, PA

He has done surgery on weight loss patients before, as the Medical Center he works out of is known for various types in the field (mine was not done here, I did not live in the area at the time). I went in for my initial TT consultation, really just to get information. So I'm guessing at that point if there was something he thought was better for me, he would have recommended it.

About two years ago, I had gone for a free consultation for breast augmentation - and at that time, that surgeon also recommended the lift in addition to the implants. To be done simultaneously. The lift part of the operation is what increased the cost to making me have to wait to even consider having it done.

I'm not unsure about my choices, I guess I am just really thinking about it more now. The consultation was in early January, and at that time May 12th seemed like an eternity away.

DS Surgery with Fernando Bonanni, Abington, PA 12/26/07

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on 4/26/17 8:57 am

I struggled with a lot of the same questions you have. For me, what solidified my plans on how I wanted to move forward were to look at an insane amount of before/afters from my chosen surgeon AND other patients whose bodies look like mine.

One surgeon I met with didn't want to lift and augment at the same time, but the others did. If you look on realself, this is a very common combination of procedures, and a lot of the WLS bloggers I follow have had both done at once, with fantastic results. To me, being able to combine the lift and augmentation and avoid a whole separate surgery to THEN augment was worth it based on my research and my trust in my surgeon.

As far as LBL vs TT, I struggled there too, but only one surgeon I met with for a consult recommended a LBL. The others thought the TT would give me the results I am looking for, based on where my excess skin is (none on my back or behind). I also had the hubby take pics of me from the side and back to get an idea of what it looks like. It looks fine. As much as an LBL would offer more all-around tightness, it would also leave an all-around scar and not having that tightness isn't a deal breaker for me.

I hope this helps somewhat!

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on 5/1/17 2:07 pm - Tacoma, WA

I'm having several procedures done on May 22 whi*****ludes a BL/BA. I know others have said they should be done separately, but as another person said, many people have them done at the same time with great results. I think as long as your PS is OK with doing them at the same time, it should be fine. Part of my decision in which PS I chose came down to doing the BA and BL at the same time and with other procedures. I didn't want to have to go through 2-3 separate surgeries with the multiple recovery times. I knew I wouldn't be happy with just a lift as there is very little breast tissue left and I wouldn't be happy being flat chested. So the BL/BA combo was really the best for me and as I said, I wanted it done all at once. I'll be having the BA/BL, LBL and arm lift done at the same time. There will be 2 surgeons performing the procedures which is why they are able to do it in one surgery. Anyway, I'm with you - just getting to have these things done and get rid of all the saggy, baggy skin will be wonderful! The recovery is just a short blip in the grand scheme of things!! I wish you all the best.



on 5/24/17 10:11 pm

Nancy I hope your surgery went well. I'm having the same surgery June 17 but included full body laser lipo. Please post on your recovery. Happy Healing

on 5/26/17 7:10 pm - Tacoma, WA

Hi - Thanks for the note. My surgery went really well and I'm so glad I had it done and had it all done at once. The recovery has been easier than I anticipated. There's definitely some pain and I'm walking pretty slowly and hunched over a bit, but I'm keeping up on the meds and doing well. I had my first post-op visit today and the PS took out 3 of the 4 drains, leaving just the one in my abdomen. I go back for another post-op visit on Wednesday and we are hoping that last drain will come out then. Getting the 3 out today was so nice! I will post some before and after pics when I get them. I'm not big on doing the photos myself and the PS will do the after ones at 3 months. If I do some before then, I'll post them. I am glad that I rented an electric lift recliner and that I have one of those grabber deals to pick stuff up - those two things have been very helpful!

So far I'm very happy with the results. The BL/BA looks great and the arms and LBL are looking good, too. There is still some swelling, of course, but overall I'm pleased with the results and think they will only get better with a little more time. I don't think they did any lipo on me so I'm not sure how that will impact your surgery and recovery. I wish you all the best when you have it done in just 3 weeks or so. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or anything. And I will share some pics when I get them.

Take care and enjoy the holiday weekend!



on 7/14/17 8:48 am

My surgery went well. I must say the Lipo is worse than the TT or BL/BA. I am almost 5 weeks out and the lipo burns when any pressure is put on it which doesn't help with the compression garments. The garments are worn 3 months. Ugh! But overall he totally snatched my waist and I know in 6 months this will be a distant memory and full results take a year.

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