Has anyone got approved for the panni and paid additional for the lower body lift?

on 6/6/17 12:32 pm - NC

I got approved for the panni but would like to know if anyone paid additional to have anything done to their thighs. Like a lower body lift or thigh lift

on 6/7/17 1:07 pm - grand rapids, MI

Yes, my panni was covered (after an appeal) and I had the full body lift. Not sure the difference in price since it all depends on what surgeon and facilities you use.

on 6/7/17 3:53 pm - NC

Thank you!

on 6/8/17 5:43 pm - Coram, NY

I too got approved for the panni but have requested a price for the full tummy tuck (upper abdomen) and a breast lift. I'm waiting to hear back from the Doctor.

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