I'm thinking my butt augmentation is to blame...

on 10/9/17 12:39 pm - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

So I was at physical therapy today for a hip alignment issue that was causing pain in my lower back. It was my first time seeing this particular gal, and after she used a heating pad and had me do the exercises, she started massaging and kneading my lower back and butt and hip. I felt very relaxed and good, and I heard her call another gal over. She said to her, "What is this? Is it a muscle?" as she rolled her hand over my butt. The other girl reached out and said, "I think so". The first one said, "Muscles don't normally feel like this". The second one said, "Hmmm, I dunno".

Do you think she was feeling my augmented butt??? If there weren't 8 other people in the room I might have piped up and said, "Well I lost almost 200 lbs and I had a lower body lift and my surgeon used my own tissue to create a butt" but I just didn't feel comfortable doing so! So now I'm convinced this poor girl is befuddled about what the hell she was feeling in my butt. I was laughing all the way home.

Laura in Texas
on 10/9/17 1:21 pm

Yes. If your butt is like mine, that is what she felt. Too funny!!

Laura in Texas

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on 10/10/17 1:25 pm
VSG on 10/24/17

Too funny. Only someone in our shoes could even find this humorous. :)

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on 10/31/17 4:50 pm - Houston, TX

Haha, you have an attentive therapist.

But keep this in mind...I recently had a patient who had buttock auto-augmentation (not just fat grafting) and she underwent a deep tissue massage where the therapist used one of those metal bars on the tissues. It actually damaged the area with a lot of bruising and swelling and ended up changing her shape which ultimately required surgery to correct .

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