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Hey all! So I am hoping to start doing some plastics this year-aiming to go in for my first (potentially a LBL with fleur di lis) this fall. I have to go get some bloodwork done to see if I am in good shape to do so, I suspect that I am. I had a consultation with Dr. Sterry on the UES of Manhattan-he was great. I was provided with an overwhelming amount of information, as well as lots of his before/after work which was quite impressive, to say the least.

I am wondering if you guys have anyone else in the Manhattan area that you would recommend (some other consultations can't hurt, right?), or if you have any personal experiences with Dr. Sterry, OR if you have any before/afters of yourself you could provide to give me a more realistic expectation of what I might look like myself.

I am equally excited as I am terrified. I have a 2.5 year old, so he will be 3 at the time of surgery, and I am hoping that we can BOTH make it through such a major recovery!

TIA :)

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Stay tuned!

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I know nothing about NYC geography, but a number of people here like Capella. NYCMom did consults with a number of plastic surgeons in the area too. (Although she ultimately went with Dr. Michaels in Maryland/DC.)

Good luck! For me, recovery was a huge pain due to the muscle tightening, so just be really aware of what your lifting restrictions will be post-op. And, hopefully, you have help at home!

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In my opinion, you are close to the best plastic surgeon I have ever seen. Look at his before and afters. Dr capella. There's a lady on here that had everything done by him, and wrote a very very detailed post of everything she had done.

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I have heard of Dr Sterry, but don't know anyone who used him. It is well worth getting more than one consultation. All the Doctors were nice- they are trying to sell themselves.... but it was definitely an education and helped me make my choice.

One of the things I decided was I wanted someone who specializes in massive weight loss. The quality and quantity of our skin is different.

I did not in the end choose Dr Capella, but I know many people have been happy with him. He does do consultations in Manhattan, although he operates out of Hackensack Medical Center.

I chose Dr Michaels in DC and he was worth the trip. You can do a virtual or phone consultation with him.

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I would highly recommend my surgeon - Dr. Reish. He's also on the UES. Wonderful doctor, amazing aftercare, gives all patients his cell, and my results have been stellar! You can see my before/afters in my profile. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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I had my body work done with Capella and it turned out very nicely, except that I had a serious complication with my arm lift. I went from a size 14 to a size 2 which thrilled me and I can wear all of the clothes that I could never wear before -- short skirts, thongs, bikinis... amazing. He is quite affordable as far as plastic surgeons go... not much more than that Sauceda surgeon in MX that some people on this board have gone to.

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