Panniculectomy but still overweight-has anyone done this

on 6/20/19 2:48 pm

I had weight loss surgery in 2010 and lost around 90 lbs and for most part still there. that still puts me at 285 and a huge area with my stomach that hangs down. I was looking at getting a panniculectomy even though I know I have more to lose but not sure if I will ever lost more. I saw a surgeon and he gave me pricing for this and a mons lift and abdominoplasty. I scheduled the surgery and just went in for the consult before the surgery and now he is saying he wont do it till I lose 50 more lbs. Was curious if anyone has had this done when still overweight?

on 6/21/19 4:38 am - Great Bend, KS
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I had my panniculectomy at 198 lbs. I am 5'3" so that is considered an obese BMI. My surgeon cut off 14 lbs. I never realized that weight loss though. 10 months later and I still weigh 200 lbs.

I decided to move forward because my RNY was 12 years ago. I never went below 195. It is like my body is set on hanging out around 200 lbs. I told my surgeon that yes, I would love to lose more, but I use to weigh 407 lbs before RNY, so 200 lbs feels pretty darn light to me even if medical standards still consider me obese!


on 7/6/19 3:32 pm

Thank you. Good to know. Did you have any issues? He wants my BMI down below 40 and I do want to lose more but it may take me forever.

White Dove
on 6/21/19 9:13 am

This far after surgery, 50 pounds seems like a lot to ask you to lose. I am sure he is protecting you and himself by asking you to be at a lower weight. I personally think you should get another opinion. Getting rid of the panni would make you feel better and allow for more exercise. Perhaps it could be done in stages, the panni first, then lose 50 pounds and have the other work done.

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on 7/6/19 3:35 pm

He is concerned with complications with being overweight. He is saying he would do the panni but not the others if I wanted to do the one but I think it is better to do it all at once but going to try. I did get another opinion and she said she would do the panni but the more I lose the more she can do so they may be on the same page. I am frustrated with him because my initial consult was to find out what I needed to do to get it and he is the one who said he could do it and literally changed his mind 2 weeks before the surgery.

Did you have it done? If so, any complications? Were you still overweight?

MaryEllen OntheEastCoast
on 7/2/19 10:18 am - CT

Yes I had it done while at about 265 lbs because I needed hip replacement surgery and the hanging skin posed infection risk. My recovery was horrible. He took 17 lbs of skin and fat. The wound split open and I was on a wound vac for many months. Lots of pain. I would not recommend it unless it's totally just loose skin they are removing.

on 7/6/19 3:36 pm

I appreciate the information!

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White Dove has a point - what does he want you to do in 2019 to lose 50 pounds that you haven;t already tried? Even if you do not lose much more weight, with the apron gone, you might be able to be more mobile and have overall improved health outcomes. I heard that New Mexico medicare will cover Pani and bracioplasty.

Does your PS specialize in WLS patients - if not, find one that does. Stretched out skin responds differently from some mom who gained 30 pounds and needed a tummy tuck. A PS that specializes in WLS patients will be able to tell you what to expect and how to get there. My PS specialized in WLS, since he was a resident. (Dr Joseph Michaels in the Washington, DC area.) I am totally happy with body results.

There used to be a plastic surgery TV show and they did surgery on people 180-200 pounds. Dr Now also looks like he goes PS on heavier people - but usually I see a mobility issue, not just a cosemetic purpose.

I found these new posts on the internet - Dr Voung has some good info - but be prepared for the f-bombs.