Wound Breakdown after Panniculectomy :-(

on 8/3/19 4:33 am

Hi all! I was sleeved 8/28/2017 lost over 100 lbs. I had an anchor panniculectomy July 9th 2019. My surgeon did an AMAZING job!! Well I have some issues....

  1. I can NOT fit into my pre-op jeans!
  2. I have gained 15 lbs
  3. I have some MAJOR wound breakdown!!! (My first appt with a wound care spealist is Monday)

Yes I'm happy with my apron gone forever but all these other complications has me feeling very discouraged!! Has anyone else dealt with these things?????? Or am I the only one??

VSG 8/28/17


on 8/3/19 8:27 am
RNY on 05/03/18

Hey there, I'm only speaking from my personal experience (360 degree lower body lift with vertical flur de lis) so... I had MASSIVE swelling after surgery and couldn't fit into like any pants for a few weeks lol so I wouldn't worry about that. Now that being said, even with the massive swelling, at nearly a month post op I was still down weight. Most people I've noticed don't lose or gain weight after the surgery. Also....15 pounds of swelling? That seems like a lot.

Lastly, I am so sorry to hear about the wound breakdown. I have no experience with this so I can't comment, but I hope everything goes well on Monday and things get taken care of soon!

25 years old - 5'5" tall - HW: 260 - SW: 255 - CW: 132.0

Pre Op - 5.0, M1 - 25.6, M2 - 15.6, M3 - 14.0, M4 - 13.4, M5 - 10.8, M6 - 13.8, M7 - 9.8, M8 - 7.8, M9 - 2.8, M10-2.4, M11-0, M12-7

Lower Body Lift with Dr. Carmina Cardenas - 5/3/19

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