Dr referral consult and treat panni and inner thighs

on 9/6/19 3:00 am - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

I'm beyond excited I'm praying my insurance will cover the necessary surgery. I'm 4 years post op from vsg and have struggled some but I'm determined to stay focused and get it done I'm sick and tired of skin infections and such.

Elia Maria Saenz

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on 9/6/19 4:45 am

Documenting the skin infections should help a lot. Please keep us updated. I have my fingers crossed and sending good vibes for your insurance approval.

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on 9/9/19 1:05 pm

My experience is insurance will pay a very limited amount for very limited surgery ... they will pay for a panni removal for regaining mobility but not a tummy tuck . So you still end up paying to look good !

I found a great surgeon in Mexico for about 1/2 the price .. a real artist . I felt safe cared for and he really made me look and feel beautiful at a reasonable price . I could have tried to get similar surgery partially paid for in the US through insurance - but I would have paid more for less than by simply medical touristing to Mexico.

on 9/10/19 11:49 am - grand rapids, MI

I'm in GR and years ago used Dr. Andrew Livingston. He has office space in with Grand Health Partners. He and his office staff did everything they could to help me get my insurance to cover it. After an appeal they did cover my panni portion and the hospital stay.

Since he does share office space and doesn't have his own facility like a lot of the other plastic surgeons I found his pricing very reasonable. My cousin who works for a plastic surgeon said I got a great deal as for what I paid for all 4 procedures they probably would have charged for just one.

on 9/10/19 3:50 pm - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

May I ask what procedures did you have and how much did you have to pay?

Elia Maria Saenz

on 9/11/19 7:06 am - grand rapids, MI

I pretty much had everything done LBL, Brachio, BL w/ Aug and thighs. It was about 11 years ago so I'm sure pricing has changed and I did have insurance pay for the panni portion and hospital stay. I think total it was about $23k or so.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 9/12/19 11:32 am
RNY on 08/05/19

I saw on the other forums that you recently talked to your surgeon and got appetite suppressants. Are you planning to lose more weight? It's probably a good idea to wait until your weight stays stable before getting plastics.

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on 9/12/19 4:25 pm - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

I do realize that however i am trying to lose at least 40 more pounds before undergoing any plastics but the rashes and yeast infections are a bummer deal. So I will keep on treating them but if my insurance will approve the skin removal to prevent the infections I will have it done.

Elia Maria Saenz

(deactivated member)
on 9/13/19 4:48 am

That sounds like a good interim solution to me ! You'll be able and inspired to exercise much more and lose that last 40 ! Hugs

on 9/22/19 9:18 pm

Just be careful of the pannilectomy incision placement- some are placed so they cannot he revised to a tummy tuck later.

A traditional pannilectomy can be very disfiguring and unattractive- make sure the surgeon lifts your mons pubis.

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