Post-Plastics Swelling and Weight Gain

on 9/9/19 3:10 pm

Hi everyone, I am 32 years old and had my first round of plastics last Tuesday, September 3 -- an arm lift and a breast lift w/ aug. I weighed 144 that morning and yesterday I weighed in at 158. I am GOBSMACKED omg. The compression garments help a lot but they just squish out all the fluid to adjacent areas like my wrists/hands and abdomen. I am really just all around swollen. My thighs haven't touched in years and suddenly even they are chafing again.

I see my surgeon tomorrow for our one week post-op appointment and have sent her pics and I also saw her at day 3 post-op for her to change the dressings on my arm. My surgeon has tried to reassure me the swelling is normal and I really do trust her, but 14 pounds normal? Did anyone else go through this?

on 9/9/19 8:54 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

swelling after plastic surgery is very normal. It's usually the worst the first 2-3 months, although for some people it can last up to a year (although it's not as bad - and not as often - as it was the first 2-3 months). I don't think I gained weight after my first plastic surgery, but I did after my second. As long as you've stuck to your food plan, it's likely just fluid from the swelling.

on 9/12/19 8:09 am

Thank you so much for your response! I am back down to 149 and continuing to stay hydrated but lose about 1-1.5 lb a day. Crisis averted lol.

on 9/19/19 7:25 pm

I wanted to follow up and say I'm back down to within my regular weight range and am feeling awesome! I can't really tell if this is against forum rules so I won't directly link the image in the post body, but I wanted to post a before & after (brachioplasty and mastopexy w/ augmentation) for anyone who is interested in seeing. It is NSFW:

My implants are Mentor 355cc anatomical unders. I am 32 y/o, 5'3", 140 - 145 lbs. RNY was on 2/22/06 when I was 19 y/o and my highest weight was 293 lbs.

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on 10/9/19 5:54 am


Swelling is a normal complication. Weight gain may be caused by some medicines or inactivity. I hope this reply can help you.

on 1/14/20 10:43 am

Hi Grayley,

How have you been since your procedure? Has the swelling gone down? Looking into Plastics and just scanning through for thoughts and experiences to prepare myself.

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on 5/10/20 8:41 pm

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