Megan H.
on 1/6/20 6:38 pm - ROMULUS, MI

I really want to get the extra skin removed so I can feel better about myself. My insurance will cover a tummy tuck at 80% if I meet all these crazy conditions that I dont meet. So I need to pay out of pocket unfortunately. Has anyone used a plastic surgeon that they were very pleased with and the price wasnt crazy high? My arms, thighs and belly need done but belly is first.

I'm in lower michigan if that helps too.

on 1/7/20 8:41 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

if you don't get a response here, check www.realself.com It's a site where patients review doctors. All kinds of doctors, but the majority are plastic surgeons. Many people post before & after pictures, too. I used it (plus this site) to come up with my short list of surgeons - then I did consults with my top three.

on 1/8/20 11:12 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Also, note that prices vary widely from state to state. It could be that you could save a lot by flying to, say Nevada, even with the a week in a hotel to recuperate.

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