Changing surgeon after being approved by insurance

on 1/26/20 3:47 am
VSG on 12/12/16

Hey everyone! Has anyone changed surgeons after being approved by insurance? I was approved for panniculectomy by Anthem back in September but still haven't been scheduled because my surgeon is having trouble getting surgery dates from hospital. I'm thinking about switching surgeons. Would other surgeon have to submit a new approval request or could the provider just be changed on existing approval? Anthem member services not in on weekends but I'm calling first thing tomorrow. I'm just curious if anyone has had experience with this.

on 1/27/20 9:32 am
VSG on 12/12/16

Well I talked to Anthem and was told two different things. One rep said surgeon and surgery location could be changed immediately and another rep said first surgeon would have to withdraw request and new surgeon would have to submit their own request but it shouldn't take more than 15 calendar days. Just posting in case anyone else ever has same question.

on 2/19/20 10:21 am

Well, what a way for Anthem to be clear on how they instruct you to handle things! I'm sorry things have hit a (minor) stall... hopefully you get your surgery soon and things heal well, regardless of who performs it

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