Fat Transfers

on 2/7/20 10:33 am

Has anyone had a fat transfer from one part of their body inserted somewhere else? Wondering about experiences? Thinking about having fat transferred from my hips area to either my breasts or butt... Thanks!

on 2/7/20 2:51 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

following (just because I'm interested). My surgeon asked if I wanted a fat transfer to my breasts for some "fullness", but I said no. I had big breasts my entire life and really wanted to be a B or C cup (which, thank God, I am now...). So...I passed. I wonder if the fat really stays in place, though - or if it eventually moves around...

on 2/7/20 4:28 pm

I totally had the same questions about whether or not it stays! I have always been small chested (though, when I was significantly heavier, they were considered "large", then I had my daughter and then everything totally deflated. hoping the "more experienced" chime in!

on 2/17/20 10:29 am

That is a thing?!

on 3/2/20 4:55 am
RNY on 01/01/14

It is if you want Kim Kardashians unretouched butt . Yes it shifts . Yes it gets cellulite. I'll try to post a pic lol.

it MIGHT look ok in spandex ... but who wants to wear spanx all the time ? And that inflated butt will look RIDICULOUS in ten years time when natural comes back into fashion. Natural breasts are ALREADY back.

just my opinion

on 3/2/20 10:14 am

Oh, Heavens no, I would not want something like that... that is extremely over the top and I do not care for the overexaggerated look.

I was just thinking about a little bit of volume to my extremely flat gluteal or chest regions. I wear compression garments when I wear dresses or slacks anyway, so I am used to it since I have a lot of excess skin that shifts when I move. Hoping to have things either approved by insurance or paid for to gave excess skin removed and my stomach is planned to be first... so I am not sure if I will ever get another opportunity for a second surgery since I don't want to go under for too long with 2 major areas having skin removed. Trying to work with what I've got because I don't want anything foreign in my body, like an implant

on 3/3/20 6:04 pm
VSG on 05/07/18

I just had a consult with a plastic surgeon today and asked about fat transfer. He said he rarely does them because bariatric patients usually need more fullness than could be accomplished successfully with fat transfer. I have two other consults next week, but thought it was interesting....

VSG 5/7/2018

Height: 5ft 7in; HW: 254; SW: 219; original goal: 150; maintenance goal: 135-140; CW: 138

on 3/4/20 10:18 am

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! That is definitely something to ask.

on 3/4/20 1:02 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I had very small silicone ( solid ) butt implants put in by Dr Sauceda in Mexico about five years ago . Results ? My natural fat and muscle cover them so the area feels and looks totally " real " . No problems sitting for many hours no tailbone issues. Cute lil " yoga - apricot " mini high riding bubble butt . Makes my legs look longer - looks great in clothes bathing suit even naked . Makes me look and feel younger and more desirable. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

dr Sauceda told me its very important not to have soft silicone breast implants put in the butt - they can burst and cause immune system havoc in case of a car accident or even a fall . ((()))

on 3/4/20 10:21 am

Do you need to have the implants "updated" over a certain period of time? I know breast implants (I know they aren't solid) should technically be revised every 10 years... do you need that for your situation?

My husband has a bubble butt and I am so jealous... I was looking to give him a little competition. lol

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