Losing sensation...

on 9/14/20 10:29 am

Question ladies! Did you lose sensation in your tummy area after your TT or FDL? What about your pubic area? If so, did sensation come back? I am scared to lose any sensation!

on 9/14/20 12:39 pm - TX

Yes! Well loss of sensation in the tummy area (not in the pubic area)- where the incisions are and some of the incisions are switching from numb to very slight pain when I press on them (although very bearable) - but I'm only 3 months out now. I had Lower Body Lift with anchor cut all the way up to between my breasts, breast lift with implants (sensation back in that area - however not quite as strong as it was before surgery yet) and arm lift (same on the arm incisions - parts are numb, but they are moving into slight painful feeling (I think the nerves are healing back at this point so it's going from numb to very slight pain when I press) I would anticipate that the pain will go away at some point and the scars will get flatter. In fact - I'm thankful for that numbness during the healing process - especially at the beginning.

I had a c-section many years ago and had the same thing but all feeling came back after a while when the nerves healed.

on 9/14/20 3:25 pm

Good to know! Thank you so much! This helps greatly! so, when you state you have a lower body lift with an anchor, is that the Fluer-de-lis but circumferential?

on 9/15/20 6:38 am - TX

Glad to chime in :) Yes I believe it's the same thing. I had a 360 degree scar for the lower body lift and then for the anchor cut (or Fluer-de-lis) it went up the front of my body.

on 9/15/20 8:29 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Fleur-de-Lis is just the name of the vertical incision that goes from the standard horizontal cut up to the breast bone. It's an option you can get with the LBL. A standard LBL doesn't have a FDL - it's just the horizontal cut. They can always do a FDL cut at the time of your LBL or do it later....

on 9/15/20 3:45 pm

ok... I get it. Just making sure I understood it completely! Thank you!

on 11/5/20 5:31 pm


I am new to the site and have been reading many posts that target those who have had multiple body contouring/skin removal surgeries after significant weight loss.

After reading your comment, I was curious if all of the above was done in one surgery? ? If so, would you do it all together again if you had the chance, how long was your surgery time and can you share what was the worst part for you?

I am to have surgery next month and am slated to also have several procedures at once. Have been feeling a lot of anxiety about it being too much!

Thanks in advance.

on 9/15/20 8:30 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm still numb at two years out. Pubic area is not, though. For the first year I was numb all the way from my hips up to my waist. Since then, some sensation has come back, but I'm still numb in a few areas. Some people permanently have some numb areas - esp along the incision lines.

on 9/15/20 3:49 pm

do you think it had to do with you personally, or the surgeon and the technique? do you know other patients who had surgery with your surgeon?

Something I have always wondered if THE WAY a surgeon does something vs something that varies by patient?

I guess I am just throwing questions out there because I really want the work done, I am just scared I won't be able to have sensation or going completely numb and that is a horrible feeling.

on 9/15/20 3:55 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I think it's pretty common, actually....

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