Did you have lose weight before your PS procedure?

on 10/1/20 3:59 pm

I've gone through a few consultations (both virtual and in person) and 2 of the surgeons want me to lose weight prior to my surgical procedure. Thinking extended FDL Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and a back lift with Thigh lift. 2 different procedures and I am already at 150 pounds. My "ideal weight" is 135 and I have A LOT of excess skin with not much fat according to my scale.

Would that automatically turn you away from a surgeon? I am having enough difficulty as it is maintaining my weight let alone lose another 5-10 pounds and concerned that once I have surgery I will be even less!

Any tips?

on 10/2/20 8:09 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I didn't have to lose any, but my surgeon wanted me at a stable weight for at least a year before plastic surgery. At that point (when I had my consultation), I'd already gained 12 lbs from my lowest weight, so it was just as well. They say gaining or losing more than 10 lbs or so after plastic surgery can affect your results - so I would have been taking a risk if I would have had that surgery BEFORE I gained the 12 lbs.

on 10/2/20 10:16 am

I have a feeling I have around 8-10 pounds of skin that will be removed. so I am concerned that losing + whatever is removed will put me below where I want to be.

on 10/5/20 9:26 am, edited 10/5/20 7:46 am - TX

I think your concern is valid- I did not lose any additional weight before surgery - I was at 160 at 5'5'' but had been there or around there for a few years (after losing down from 336). I had surgery in June and I'm down and maintaining (with no active maintenance activities) at 145 - so 15 down since the plastic surgery - Dr. Sauceda removed 8 lbs of skin from my arms, stomach area and then I had a breast lift with small implants added. I do have the Duodenal Switch which means that I don't absorb very much in terms of fat or protein- so that probably contributed to the extra weight coming off (I just couldn't consume much after surgery - my stomach was very restricted again for at least a month). I tried focusing on getting in protein. I was a bit worried after surgery that I was losing too much - I don't want to get too thin - but I've still got some fat in my thighs and I like the way I look now.

Healing has gone really well and I'm feeling good and loving the results- my thighs are still a mess and I had planned on getting them done before this- but I don't know if I will now - I might just accept them and move on - my stomach is flat (which I can't remember ever having that in my life) so I'm loving my shape/arm/breasts- it has been a life goal since I was a teen to have a body that I'm happy with - and I really am happy with myself - it feels good.

Good luck with your surgery and progress!

on 10/5/20 3:31 pm

Congratulations on being happy where you are, currently. I can't wait to feel that about myself. Trying to accept things (should I not get PS) is really difficult and I really don't want to wrap my head around it so I am working on making it a really important goal because there is NOTHING i could do on my own with this skin and it NEEDS to be removed.

Thank you for your feedback. I may just need to find a surgeon who will listen to my concerns and may work with more bariatric patients who understands

on 10/6/20 7:03 am - TX

I hear you - I don't think I could have stopped fixating on my body without the skin removal (although I am fixating on it still - but more in the, I can't believe this is my body happy way lol)- so I definitely see where you are coming from. In time, my thighs may bother me more (and I have a bit of a turkey neck) -but just like when I lost the weight, I'm so thankful to be in this place right now and the happiness is real even though my body isn't perfect. I wish you the very best in reaching your goals and finding that happy place. Acceptance is something I always marveled at (and still do for people *****ach out without change), but I do think it's a hard thing.

on 10/6/20 10:24 am

Thank you. This puts things a bit more into perspective for me. I didn't have surgery to become "skinny" I just want to do normal things without having to adjust skin and try to minimize the appearance of it

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