LBL Costs

on 10/19/20 10:38 am
VSG on 05/22/13

Is none ready to share their costs for a lower body lift with Dr. Joseph Michaels? I'm definitely in the market.

HW: 254  SW: 238.2  CW:179.6 1st GW: ONEDERLAND 2nd GW: 150 GW: 135  Surgery: 5/22/13      



on 10/19/20 12:08 pm, edited 10/19/20 5:09 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I don't know about Dr. Michaels specifically, but several people on here have had them do their LBL's, so I'm sure one of them will see this. I know when I started looking into plastic surgery 3 or 4 years ago, people on here told me to expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $8K-$10K per procedure, with the LBL counting as two procedures since they do so much with that one - including front and back. I had four consults, and that "guesstimate" did ring true (in other words, about $16K-$20K for an LBL. That was three years ago, though, so they may have gone up since then - but that should at least give you some idea).

on 10/20/20 5:27 pm
VSG on 05/22/13

Thank you!!

HW: 254  SW: 238.2  CW:179.6 1st GW: ONEDERLAND 2nd GW: 150 GW: 135  Surgery: 5/22/13      



on 10/27/20 8:21 pm

It's about 10k outside US and 15 to 20ish in US.

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