Thigh lift, arm lift, back lift, breast lift

on 2/17/21 10:48 am

I need it all!!! I've had a body lift already but won't be going back to the same doctor. Any recommendations? I'm in the US but will travel anywhere. Also, are people doing BBL's for flat bottoms? My body lift included the procedure where they fold your back flaps to give you more projection. It didn't do much.

I see that Dr. Peter Fishers retired. I like how his thigh lift covered the calf too. I haven't seen you many doctors do that.

on 7/6/21 6:05 pm
REALIZE Band on 10/13/10 with

I'm going to Dr Boukovalas at UT reconstructive and plastics in Knoxville TN. He wants to do a full panni and Fluer di lis. He also submitted my inner thighs. He said later we'd do my arms and breasts. It's like he knows I'll be approved since he's a reconstructive surgeon. He's so nice!

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