I may not have enough money to get my planned plastic surgery !

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RNY on 01/01/14

I?ve been trying to buy my home outright from the bank as it?s crazy damaged and my mortgage and taxes are outrageous.

Unfortunately they appraised it as far higher than I possibly imagined so even if we CAN make this deal it will probably mean I won?t have any money left over for repairs or my long planned plastic surgeries.

grrr . I don?t even know whether to do it - I struggled to fix up two homes for twenty years due to lack of cash . I could and should have done better things with my time . I?m a very stubborn person and I don?t like to give up - I?ve also made really stoopid and personally costly choices - ugh .

You only live once and good plastic surgery post significant weight loss truly improves the quality of your daily life forever.

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REALIZE Band on 10/13/10 with

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REALIZE Band on 10/13/10 with

I got andominoplasty panniculectomy and muscle plication covered 100% through my insurance. I went to Dr Stefanos Boukovalas. He's a reconstructive surgeon

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