Brazil Implant Information

on 6/9/22 11:57 am

Good afternoon,

I had DS surgery with Dr Marchesini in 2004 (SW 400 CW 130).

Then, had 2 surgery dates with Dr Kuster in 2005 (LBL, TT, TL, BLwAug, Eyelids) Have been thrilled with the results.

Implants are 17yrs old & I have an appt with local surgeon for evaluation of nipple pain.

The local Dr would like to know what kind of implants I have.

I can't find the implant info card!

I haven't been able to get a response from Dr Kuster's office.

I know mine were gummy bear type, not round and I think textured.

My doctor may want to see if they were one of the recalled implants.

If anyone had implants in Brazil in 2005/2006, could you please tell me what brand they were?

Thank you in advance!

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