Laser Hair removal for PCOS?

on 7/15/10 2:25 pm - Friant, CA
Have any of you ladies that have PCOS tried laser hair removal? I am soooo tired of having a beard! 

So I am wanting to go in and get it done but i am concerned it will just come back because of the PCOS?

Any insight???
on 7/19/10 8:16 am - Corpus Christi, TX
Nope! But man do I want it! I wax once a week the ole moustache and chin. But I have plans!
I take everything one at a time... I am still paying on surgery. When that gets paid off, facial laser and renewing and skin wraps to add elasticity to skin, pay that off,  followed by plastics and paying that off.
If I was a rich girl, I would be done all at once ... but I am not!
Lemme know if you get it done!
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on 7/19/10 3:29 pm - Friant, CA
My mom just bought me a gift certificate to get laser hair removal done for my birthday!! SOOOOO excited! I am having surgery next monday, so once I recover from that im off to get rid of the facial hair! Ill let you know how it goes!
on 7/20/10 3:36 am - Northern California, CA
I have had laser hair removal and it didn't last for me. Apparently it is NOT 100% effective and is not permanent. I have been getting electrology work on my *****heeks, neck, etc over the past year. It is helping, but not gone yet. I can't afford to go as often as I need to go. It is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE side effect and just sucks really. ELEC works better than laser in my experience.

Something new that I've just started trying too. It's called Progessence and is an essential oil blend that helps regulate your hormones. It has progesterone in it and can be applied 1-2x a day to the side of the neck and wrists. You can check it out on my website,, scroll all the way to the bottom.

"Containing frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils to aid in absorption, Progessence Plus is the first-ever progesteroneserum on the market. It is portable, has a pleasant smell, and does not require the cycling of application sites like other progesterone supplements."

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on 7/20/10 4:14 am - Philadelphia, PA
I'm totally new to this forum, but I saw the title of this thread and HAD to comment.

I had laser hair removal in 2007 for my sideburns and chin. I literally have a "man" beard and I didn't want it there for my wedding. It didn't work.

It thinned it out for a bit, but now I'm back to shaving everyday because the five o'clock shadow is so bad. When I signed the papers to get started, they told me that they couldn't guarantee it because my hair growth was mostly due to hormones.

I just wanted to let you know so you could consider this before you spent a whole lot of money on anything. I hope that you have much better luck than I did.
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on 7/20/10 9:38 am - Friant, CA

I am waiting to have it done until I have surgery and hopefully start to get my weight and hormones back in check so maybe it will be more successful... thanks for your info!

on 7/21/10 1:27 pm
 I have had laser and I LOVED it.

If you are a cyster though, regardless of what method you use for hair removal, it is likely to come back unless you are on some kind of androgen inhibiting medication (like spironolactone/aldosterone). 

I had years of electrolysis that worked fairly well, but once I went to laser I never looked back. Less painful, longer lasting, cheaper and less time consuming, also worked much better for me. Your complexion really counts. pale skin and dark hair folks do best on laser treatment. Folks with very dark skin should be careful or consider other options because melatonin in the skin can be reactive to the laser.

Shop around, because different kinds of laser removal have vastly different prices. I used to get Alexander Method by and endochrinologist and it cost me 300+ / session, now I am with the cool laser and an aesthetician and it's only $50.


on 7/21/10 2:33 pm, edited 7/21/10 2:33 pm
I had laser hair removal pre-gastric bypass and was told due to the PCOS the effects would not be permanent but would last about 3 months (which they did). I had four sessions with two different lasers to start, then would have had to go back every 3 months or so for a "touch up". After the four treatments I was shaving maybe once a week (This after having to shave 2x daily just to keep the dark shadow under control).
I have not gone back since having my gastric bypass and the hair is just as bad as though I never had laser treatments. I fully plan on going back for treatments once summer is over (you have to avoid the sun while undergoing treatment).
I'm ok with the need for follow up as I would FAR rather go in 4x per year for treatment and only worry about my facial hair occasionally then worry everyday about who might see it.

on 7/24/10 4:32 pm
I used to have to use facial hair lighteners for my facial hair and I would also pluck the hair from under my chin but my OB-Gyn perscribed Spironolactone 100 mg daily and it's since decreased the hair growth. I've went from lightening once a week to maybe every 6 or more months. I love it.

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on 7/26/10 8:28 am

I have not tried laser hair removal; however, have tried vaniqa and personally it did nothing for me I got a $25 coupon from there website reducing the price to $50 but ill never buy it again! Tried lotions such as aveno hair minimizing lotion didnt notice much change, doctor gave me sprinolact I had high hopes and was again disappointed and stopped taking it after maybe 6 months and didnt notice it growing back any different after I stopped taking it..

I was hoping that having WLS it would at least reduce the hair growth, Im not sure if you all are pre or post op but are you saying that it didnt help at all? I really hope not that would be sooo disappointing to me, to be honest I feel like I am more insecure about my facial hair then I am my weight.. I am so embarrassed by it, and almost compulsive about removing it sitting in my car where I get the best light with a tweezers trying to remove all of them and that is inbetween waxes!! :( 

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