sarah telfer
on 4/4/11 1:34 am - cambridge, Canada
 i have PCOS, and currently in the process for Gastric bypass surgery,
is there anyone out there that has had the surgery and could give me some information?

please email me at [email protected]

thank you~ :)

Tina H.
on 4/9/11 1:22 pm - danville, KY
What info are you looking for? I had the surgery and have pcos....
Karen P.
on 4/11/11 11:10 pm - Coral Springs, fl
Me too.  My only regret over the RNY surgery was that I didn't do it A LOT SOONER.
on 4/25/11 6:47 am
Hello! What kind of information do you need? I had the surgery just over a year ago, and I have PCOS. I will help however I can.


on 7/5/11 3:31 am - GA
Hi Ladies,

Can anyone please reply in this thread? I'm set for op on 7/21 and I just started reading about women that RnY didn't help with their PCOS, who had perpetual periods and whose weight loss stalled time and time again.

I understood that 50% of my weight issues were due to PCOS and I'm nervous to have a life changing surgery to find myself in essentially the same boat I'm in now, just more aggravated.

Thanks much!!
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on 7/13/11 2:34 pm - GA
 i would also love more info on this.

i will keep you in my thoughts Heather! 

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on 9/4/11 9:45 pm
Well so far so good with me, early days I know but may as well be positive. The great news is I have had two periods without any help!!!! That has not happened for me in years! How is everyone else doing?
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